Being gods

I have built my life by attempting to follow my Lord, Jesus Christ. But, the whole of the “moral but corrupted man orchestrated church system” (a form of godliness but not the power thereof) follows another spirit, what the Apostle John coined as “the spirit of antichrist” – and Paul called enemies of the cross (on a personal level).

This “Antichrist” terminology is confused with being “against Christ” but the truth be known, it is really a replacement for Christ in the lives of those who have started with him in spirit – and those nominal Christians who have not. Satan uses this replacement to destroy the walk of the actual ecclesia by using those who may have started with Christ, yet became diverted “to another gospel” (how they view doctrines and beliefs) rather than simply following Christ in obedience to His voice within them. In short, these are people wishing to be god’s to others, specifically when using the Bible to try to justify their independence from God, while attempting to take on the role of “Lord” to others. Psychology calls these type of controlling people “sociopathic”, but that’s another subject in and of itself.

Crushing a young brother or sister in the Lord is not difficult for these “Scribes”, some knowing every twist and turn of the scriptures – just like their Father the Devil! This is why Elders must be Men who Know how to Follow Christ in Spirit and in Truth, and not just a system of doctrines and theology used in independence of God by Satan, and his people.

Know not beleive-001

This being crushed to conformity to the world takes on many forms, not the least which is religion, even when claiming the name of Christ. This is the MOST DANGEROUS to an actual child of God, as it is designed specifically to deceive the actual “would be” followers of Christ, (in Spirit and in Truth).

Personally, my Spirit has been crushed again and again by the “Spirit of Antichrist”, shaking my confidence that I could move and function in the “things of God” on my own. This is how Jesus Christ intends it to be for the Sons and Daughters of God, to the Father. This is why it is written there is but one moderator between God and Man, the Lord Jesus Christ!

Mercifully, the Lord God of Israel knows full well of the deceptive spirit of Antichrist, and Her whore daughters as referenced in Revelation 17-18 for example.   So, what the Lord attempts to do for his elect, is to try to show them the truth in every situation they may fall into unaware. Of course this is all dependent upon the heart (good ground) of the believer, and secondarily in having real fellowship with real men of God… Not just “Churchmen” or Biblicists” but real followers of Christ, who truly know and understand His workings (intimately). Many “Biblicists” appoint themselves to these type of “positions of leadership” yet, “have never seen Him nor known Him”, via the Holy Spirit – who cannot sin.

Brethren, are you tracking what I am attempting to write; be not deceived by “every spirit” who claims to be the Lord’s, but test the spirits and hold to Him which is real. (1 John 4).

By Brother Roland


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