Behind Enemy Lines.

I’m starting to see what it is like to be the Lord’s soldier behind enemy lines, or that I am surrounded by the wicked – even those who have been taught a fair degree of Bible, even as the camp of the saints has been overrun by false brethren.

They understand the fact that the work of Salvation was made complete in Christ, yet they have no light to see that this work has no place within them. This is the times we are living in today, the Gospel has gone out to all the world, and yet cheap beliefism  is confused with actual sanctification in being made into the image of Christ so that we be partakers (with him) in his righteousness.

This is exactly why the Apostle Paul feared for his life by false brethren, who are now entrenched all around us, over two thousand years after Pentecost.

People get rather upset when an actual disciple of Christ is able to discern just who is, and who’s not the Lord’s! Yet in 1 John 4 we are commanded to be able to tell. You see, this is a war of truth, not some go along to get along compromising game to have people like us, or not!

It amazes me that most educated people understand Bible doctrines and dogmas taught to them by other men, yet have no spiritual understanding of how these doctrines are meant to be applied, even within contexts. This is because you cannot teach people who are not with Christ, into Christ!

They cannot hear his voice, they do not know the Lord, and he does not know them, to put it plainly. The ones of us who do walk with the Lord are called arrogant or spiritually proud, simply because we have light to see, and if you’re not careful, you will share what is holy with these pigs and dogs – who claim the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and his completed work on Calvary yet have neither seen him nor known him.

Truthfully, if I cannot be around real brethren, I would rather be around those who do not claim to know him, as these are not twice the children of hell which Jesus spoke about.

Foot note: Satan understands doctrines and theology, but it does not make him a follower of Christ.


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