Bible before Christ!

I had another small miracle this morning, after I did some morning work with my wife around the house. I was up about 5:30 and put some more flooring up in the attack of our little house. I laid down on the bed with my dog before breakfast, (which is rare for us) and then reached for my glasses on the night stand. I no longer attempt to question in my mind, when the Lord does something unusual for me any longer, for it is a faith destroyer – and is never made manifest to the natural understanding!

I have discovered that childlike faith, which truly works, and have found that I can actually function in, simply by yielding my will to the Lord. If I try to measure weigh and reason this moving in faith (even) when using the Bible as a type of “bench mark” it is fruitless, and immediately “kills the spiritual life within me”. I write these things as one who knows just how the Lord functions and moves amongst his actual children. Systematic theological thinking, based on man’s measurement and understanding of the scriptures, spells death. This is why the Bible tells us that the letter of the law kills, but the Spirit makes alive. Oh Yes, it will always be BIBLICAL, yet the trick of the Devil is to put the Bible before the Lord God of Israel – much like the scribes and Pharisees did!

Are you tracking me brother or sister? I have learned that for (regenerated) humanity, that the spiritual world is a very delicate thing. The Lord is consistently trying our hearts to see which way we will go… Will we fall in with Him in Spirit and in Truth, or will we default to our old natures (separate from our Lord) in walking by our own understanding?

I have discovered that, that sly fox the Devil will always create a diversion stumbling us away from actually following Jesus Christ, and replacing our walk with a near look alike! That near look alike is the “Church System” nowadays. When the original brethren were being destroyed for their faith in Rome, more and stronger Saints appeared, and the Lord would not be overcome by early persecution. So, I believe that Satan invented a look alike in using teachings (doctrines) and his religious’ authorities to mimic the early church, since Rome could not overcome these new Christians – they simply attempted to join with them.

However, the original brethren knew they were not of the same stock, (so to speak) and many died as heretic’s still being martyred for Christ’s sake. By the grace of God, I was born with (so-called) learning disabilities, and was tutored (independently of others) to become literate. I always had a high I.Q., it is just that I learned differently from others.

That was the Lord’s plan for me, I am quite sure now. As if I had continued to learn like the masses of people around me, I would be a product of the cookie cutter society in which we now live. And assembly line model of the Presbyterians, Methodists, Anglicans or the Baptist Minister, in which we are so familiar with.

You have heard me say before, that “you cannot teach someone into Jesus” – yet this is exactly what churches attempt to do – you know it, and I know it. And that is exactly why so little power of the Lord has been made manifest – because of the natural understanding of the western mind. And yes, most are simply terrified to walk while abiding in the vine, actually holding onto the head – who is Christ himself! Most would rather put a Priest of sorts, between them and the Lord, just like with Moses. Why, because it easier and more comfortable, than to actually suffer one’s own fleshly crucifixion while abiding in Christ. Rather, it is much, much, easier to join “any” organization to fellowship in, and feel accepted and not rejected like the Apostles and Jesus himself were, suffering, resentments, scorn, mockery, persecution, torture, and even death – for simply a living breathing functioning faith in Christ, Jesus!

Most will not enter into the kingdom of heaven now, nor later, because the cost is too high for the price of discipleship.  And man, do these Antichrist’s get furious, should one dare and point out this hypocrisy nowadays! Even if you could move, function and consistently manifest the power of Christ within you, the rest would seek to either follow you, or more than likely, actually kill you (like in the early church).                                                                  
Don’t think for a moment that because many are called Pastor or Minister nowadays, that it would be any different from the first century!

Christian, Disciple, really? Most will not give up their comfort or position within the world even a bit, to actually engage themselves into fervently following Christ! As that would mean rejection of the highest order, and even most who start with Christ, when they are really tested will head off down the broad road, then to be restricted by the actual rejection, pain and suffering to be expected by one who truly loves the Lord above all else!

Yes we all stumble, fall, and misunderstand lots of Bible teachings, yet the issue is wear is your heart “for Him or Against Him”? No Cross, no Crown, no crucifixion of the old nature, no newness of life!

Oh and, I finally found my glasses which have been missing for three days – staring me right in my face, before breakfast!


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