They won’t hear

I have spent over 30 years learning in the Lord Jesus Christ, whom I know and personally walk with.

It is by His Grace to me alone which has made manifest just who He is and how He works. Yet the world’s church systems and it so-called ministers who claim to move in and represent Him are normally but harlots, as ones who have actually started with Christ, are but sell outs to the worlds people and their specific institution, which they have built independent of the Lord.

The sly foxes use their educations and credentialing of the world, to put themselves in a position of so-called leadership above others, and take great joy from actually enslaving actual sheep to be a part of their earthly leading and teachings, which sometimes hold some sound doctrines from the Bible – yet they themselves will not commit to actually following Jesus Christ within their spirit, as that would cost them too much of their status in the world and for the organization which they have built and are enslaved to!

You see, an actual brethren, a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ is moved and led by the Holy Spirit of God primarily, and may make reference the scriptures from time to time, to compare their personal walk with what the Lord is actually working within them (because they have a love for Him who is the Truth). Those who become diverted to functioning in a different set of parameters than the actual Truth, have taken a different path, of a different spirit, because they that started with us were not all of us 1 John 2:19 (Antichrists).  The greatest enemy of an actual disciple is the near look-alike, the counterfeiter who uses the scripture’s to try and justify themselves (and others) before the Lord God – as actually being His and following Him. They are like the Galatians, they practice their own type of worship (ceremonies) plugged into their calendars while celebrating times and dates within a ceremonial setting, and even use the only ceremony which Christ had ordained: the breaking of bread and wine together in remembrance of Him (the Lord Jesus Christ), yet in actuality will not be partakers with Him, by walking in obedience of their own personal crucifixion in adherence to Him. Not a look-alike systematic theology, but actually an adherence to Christ. This is why Jesus said that you were either for Him of against Him, there are no half measures.

Yet most who actually have met the Lord initially, find it much easier and less costly personally to do a religion about Him, than to actually follow Him – in Spirit and in Truth as Lord and Master. This is called the broad road in scripture, and these Antichrist will condemn and persecute any true follower of Christ for daring to point this out! They are in fact drunk on the blood of the Saints, and the Martyrs of Jesus.

This is primarily what the book of Revelation is speaking about, prior to “that Wicked” the Man of sin being revealed. He is revealed by the Mother of Harlots, and Her Daughters – false brethren or Antichrists who reveal Satan prior to his short sprint of playing God, who most will accept as God! Antichrist is not Satan, an Antichrist are his representatives!

Many will argue that I must be arguing from a doctrinal position, which is opened to interpretation by the natural mind on Bible doctrines, such as postmillennial vs premillennial as that is all they can see from a perspective of being spiritually blind, yet intellectually active. But in actuality what I have explained in the book of Revelation here is the Truth of God, revealed to me by the Holy Spirit of God, whom they do not know or actually follow!

It really gets up my nose how many “claim the name of Jesus Christ, and His teachings” yet refuse to follow Him. They take to mass media lots of them, or maybe just perform on their local church stage – on what they consider to be the Lord’s day, and spew their poison to the spiritually immature brethren, the broad roaders which they are in bed with, and of course the nominal Christian who have never actually met with or ever walked in the Holy Spirit of God. These are not “Born again” in the least, because if they were they could not stomach remaining apart of such a corrupt and hostile environment to the Lord God’s actual Spirit, as it would have their guts in a knot, and make them sick to the deepest level of their being, after they have been shown the Truth by their Heavenly Father.

Also, like I said, these type brethren who are all around us, are out to both crush and destroy narrow road brethren like myself whom they cannot control, or will simply try to freeze out what truth is attempting to be put over for fear of being exposed, like the Pharisees of old. If you are good enough at exposing such heretical teachings in using (our) Bible, they will come against you on mass calling for your total destruction.

As for me, currently they just won’t hear, and could care less about a laity person (non-Priest) within their beliefs system. Yet if one could demonstrate just who they actually are in Power and in Strength, you would witness again, literal bloodshed like in the first century after the day of Pentecost.

Yet as long as you are not affecting anyone’s following, the world always pretty much ignored the Prophets, and the actual sheep, with the exception of either herding or slaughtering them.


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