Lord of the Bible

Basing ones belief system on the Bible, although most admirable and noble, has never replaced having the “enigma machine” so to speak, to properly interpret its meanings!

There is a divine reason for this, namely the texts are inspired by the Holy Spirit of God, for the Lord God’s actual followers. It is not written to natural man, so that they can attempt to decipher it independent of the Holy Spirit’s leading! To try to do so, is to actually insult to the Lord God of Israel, and denies a dependency upon the Lord Jesus Christ and his finished work on the cross! This is why the Apostle Paul called many “Enemies of the cross” (Philippians 3:18) and is of the Spirit of Antichrist, which only moves independent of Christ!

Strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel.

This is why doing Bible teachings independent of the Lord, is to try and take command and control of God in our natural or carnal understanding, for texts which is only understood properly by the revelation of the Holy Spirit of truth. Inevitably, large portions of truth indeed are understood (in principles’) by men’s natural understanding, yet this does NOT make them actual followers of Jesus Christ: as the Lord’s workings in that individual’s life is required, and not just a head full of doctrines.

The western “Church Systems” since the Emperor Constantine, has operated in this natural manner of using scriptural texts in contriving a system which “they can control” called Christianity, or Christendom, which actually thrives and functions in operating independent of the Lord God. It is Satan’s greatest work since the Garden of Eden, and a natural counterfeit of the TRUTH – who is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ, and his completed work on the cross.

Of course one could argue my viewpoint as a means to justify themselves, but in actuality it make no difference as to whose name is actually found in the “book of life”, and whose is not!

And in closing, allow me to say that signing up for a “spiritual insurance policy” from the lake of fire, while using the name and work of the Lord Jesus Christ, has never guaranteed anyone so-called “eternal security” which is just another doctrinal belief system, devised by men using scriptural texts.

Nay, the perfect work of Christ in someone, is simply done by the grace which the Lord God has elected to do in separating  “ his people” from sin, and giving them a new spiritual identity in Christ by His work alone, and that “we” have a love for the truth (who is Jesus Christ) so that His continual work “in us” may be completed; less we become a cast away, who is fit only as a dead dried up branch who would not or could not abide in the vine, and is ultimately to be cast into the fire and burnt.

All of these things which I have pointed too, are speaking of one’s spiritual condition for those who have been given the “chance to become” the sons and daughters of God in Christ… But few that it will be who enter, and even a Bible based belief systems is no substitute to actually abiding and moving in Jesus Christ; the way, the life, and the truth.


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