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Body of Satan religious?

Published on Jul 29, 2017
One of those shocking moments, from 1.Jn.4


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Are you trying for Elder?

That is what the Head Pastor asked me in leadership training, when I requested and passed the assembly of Elders over a decade ago. I was a founding member of this church, and had given of myself and my personal finances in its founding to a large measure, but that was OK because it was from the heart. I had spent six years under a man with a D.D., THD., and PHD in “Christian” Psychology. I was able to breeze through all the subject matter, and even completed in detail any subject matter forgotten.
I have never held an academic memory of Church history and Bible, although the Lord allowed me “total recall” of all the things I had learned in six years of devoted ministry study, when I was a young man equipped in street ministry. I never intended to embarrass anyone, my objective was to simply contribute what I had learned to the body of Christ in finding my niche, or so I thought.
To my personal amazement even I, could not believe what was delivered from my mouth to the ears of Ivy League educated men of the highest caliber. Yet the truth be told it was not me at all, but the moving of the Holy Spirit of God upon me. I exclaimed to the Pastor privately the Pastoral Vision which I had received after my marriage. The only thing I can remember is seeing his mouth moving in response, yet I could not hear as the Holy Spirit dumped upon me like a great waterfall, and it was all that I could do to continue standing upright!
I can still remember the shock and awl on those men’s faces as they clamored, sought council among themselves and reluctantly concluded that I was factually correct. I had really expected to be welcomed to this level of fellowship with open arms, and was thrilled to have obtained such a status and position for a man who had struggled with severe dyslexia as a child. Yet utter rejection was all that I experienced by men whom I had considered brothers.
I really thought with all the gifting’s I had been rated with in the denominational testing for office, I could finally find a place of belonging, especially as a man that I had joined the church with fared no better than myself in his understanding, yet consistently clowned around during theological teaching. Yet the Pastor liked this man, and he was moved from the diaconate to an elder’s office. He had even suggested me to be tried at leadership, probably because I could pass all his courses without cracking open his course book.
It may sound as if I am proud, bitter or disgruntled with the Church, and that is a fair enough assumption; yet the problem is actually much deeper than my personal feelings in this matter. You see the problem is not my flesh, but rather the Spirit of Antichrist which opposes the simple sheep like spirit within me. It is the age old rejection of the Holy Spirit of God within me, opposing the proud spirit of the world normally present within others, be it religious (as in this case) or otherwise.
The world loves their own, and rejects the spirit of the Lord who is sometimes found within others. They will hate you, because they first hated me, Jesus said. And the actual place in which you will experience Satan is within his people, and it is much worse if they have learned up a head full of Bible doctrines -which do not apply to them!
1 John 4 Commands that the children of God be able to discern the spirits, yet in Western cultures we are taught only to reason using our minds, and intuition which is spiritual discernment is most often dismissed, or even worse confused with the wrong type of judging. Yet we must learn and discern who our actual brethren are, and who are not lest our faith be destroyed!
And the faith destroying systematic theologies that actual brethren expect to learn from, and fellowship with, are actually twice the children of the devil because of being taught Bible doctrines without Christ!
It destroys the confidence that an actual follower of Christ can discern and walk with the Lord on an actual spiritual level, instead of just having head knowledge. This is the major reason the Holy Spirit came upon me as a great waterfall that day; as the Pastors seminary taught words would have helped to destroy the work which the Lord was actually doing in me!
Most of us would never have imagined that the “Church” would be a destroyer of our confidence in Christ, and our ability to walk alone with Him. Yet that is indeed the case, like in the Galatians Church who Paul wept for, Satan forms a kind of surrogate to Jesus Christ. Or who John called Antichrists _”ones who had started with the Lord like us – but became diverted to a different Gospel” (Church Systems and Priests) who can never replace the Lord Jesus Christ as our moderator between the Father and ourselves!
Anyone who assumes such a position is actually a heretic of the highest order, but are normally deaf and blind to the fact that they are actually taken on a destructive role of the Devil unknowingly, as they have not been given the light to see. Rather they think they are serving God in the name of Jesus Christ by orchestrating ministry functions and institutions which they have done without commissioning, and in continual independence from the Lord, who is Spirit and Truth.
In others words to sum up in a short sentence what I would like to put over: is that men use the Bible without (Spiritual) knowledge of the Lord, and so in essence are following Satan, who also uses the Bible, theology and doctrines independent of the Lord!
Now do you see why it is so very important to discern what spirit a person is of? It is not the words that they may use, correct or even incorrect teaching, but whose “spiritual camp” they are connected with!
The False Church *Revelation 17-18 (Mother of Harlots and her daughters) who are drunk on the blood of the Saints, is actually who I am speaking about – and most don’t even clock it!
Beware, and learn how to tell who’s who; or otherwise you will spend a lifetime in casting your pearls before swine!
I am 58 years old now, and have discovered I’ve been doing just that… And then discovered that most those who claim Christ’s name are mostly enemy, and I wondered why I had always felt rejected and ravaged by such pigs!



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The Power of Babylon

Published on Jul 26, 2017
How on earth did Satan manage to build such a vast evil beast as the church that you see out there? How did he enslave so many when actually he has no power of his own?

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Time of our power?

Time of our power? from JW Hughes on Vimeo.

Published 7/26/2017
There will and does come a time….. This cannot go on

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Confidence in our power

Published on Jul 26, 2017
Why do we not have confidence to act as we should….?

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I have undertaken years of training in Bible doctrines over my lifetime, yet what I have discovered is it is ONLY the workings of the Holy Spirit abiding in Jesus Christ which make it possible to understand what being transformed from a sinner to a saint entails.
Bible doctrines and theology learned up by natural understanding, are but worthless and futile in growing into a man of God. This is why Jesus taught that the greatest within the kingdom of heaven are as little children, totally dependent upon their heavenly Father.
The Apostle John first coined the term “Antichrist” as those “who had started with us” yet became diverted to another gospel. The Galatians’s were such people who Paul wept over for having started with Christ (in Spirit) yet were distracted by man orchestrated religion – what we call Christianity today.
This is the reason in which I struggle to make the point in this post.
Theology is often used to supplant God, in simply walking by faith as a little child. This is the nature of sin within us; to try and understand independent of being shown by our Lord! Arguments in every form and flavor is the result, thus destroying the faith walk via our natural understanding.
Denominations, many based upon their understanding of the scriptures is the result. Whereas with the early brethren, they were directly shown the truth by revelation, moving by inspiration of the Lord. The scripture has always been confirmatory, and not predominant to the Lord, which over the centuries it has morphed into – just like when the scribes and pharisees’ walked the earth!
Contrary to reformed teachings, being born again of spirit (for the elect) is an ongoing process, it includes a new birth of course, by those chosen of God, or sewn into the world as wheat some might say, as seen in Luke 8:4-15 as an example. Jesus himself taught the disciples this parable, it needs no interpretation as to what He is saying. Additionally the scriptures are only ever written to the people the Lord God of Israel has chosen to do a work in. The scriptures do not concern outsiders (the world and his wife) also known as the wicked. They only ever are discussing the road to life to those who are given the chance to become the sons and daughters of God.
I was drilled in Calvinism most all of my life, by so called authorities… Yet the TRUTH (who is Jesus Christ) be known to me, I have spent years unlearning my untrue understandings taught by the most well intentioned “Ministers”!
I was raised in a “Christian household” and have witnessed family members move in the power of the Holy Spirit, at least initially… Sadly they have been diverted to a “load of old dead church” instead! Many had seen the power of the Lord, and Satan at work supernaturally. It was not a matter of convincing them of the reality of the spiritual world, as most had already seen it.
Rather it is a matter of “having a love for the truth that you might be saved” in the long term – for eternity. That is the “Good Ground” which Jesus was speaking about, who abide in the vine, pruned, or cut off and burnt! Now at this point, normally some pin head will jump in and ask if I am denying “Eternal Security”, which is another way of asking if I am denying the work on the cross of Christ! I AM NOT. Yet I do bring into question, just who is, and who is not in Christ “NOW”: as that is the state you will die in, with Him or against Him!
The Lord used my near death experience of my heart attack, while in Army water survival training, to show me I was with Him, as Jesus pressed up against me shoulder to shoulder as this world went black! As I continued in cardiac arrest being revived half a dozen times or more, I could look down upon my own ambulance in perfect clarity of mind and vision!
At that point a person understands they are but in a temporary, trapped within an imperfect dwelling! I can also testify to the fact that all of heaven and earth somehow seem available to one’s understanding just by inferring for one’s edification… Although it is beyond my human understanding, to try to explain this in greater detail.
The normal Christian life (that of a disciple) is also able to grasp spiritually without deception these realities as they live and breathe, albeit obscured to some degree, by our physical existence within the body physiologically. Yet again, all the seeing and understanding in the universe comes to little affect on the natural man, as truth has no place in him. I am reminded of the verse found in Luke 16:30-31 30 And he said, Nay, father Abraham: but if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent. 31 And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.
Now, most basic Bible students understand this is a reference to Christ raising from the dead in overcoming death. And yet most will refuse to believe what they have seen with their own eyes in seeing death defeated.
So there is no sense in arguing doctrines, or trying to convince someone of the work of Christ in using apologetics as an example, as even this type of evangelism will have no effect on the human heart, unless the Father has prepared it for such a seed. Then and only then, it becomes a simple question of who loves the Lord above the world, position status and wealth.
I am convinced that most churches water down the gospel to be comfortable within the world and its people, wear as the real gospel of following Christ alone above all else cost you dearly, and often bites wear you would rather not be touched. So, I am convinced that 2 Timothy 4:1-4
speaks about such apostasies, which the majority of believers would never imagine affects them!
4 1 I charge thee therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom;2 Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine.3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. Continue reading

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Debates of the gods

Published on Jul 19, 2017
We have been so poisoned by the system over the years that sometimes we can forget to think and ask the really pertinent questions. Satan has been up to his games for many years and we have to identify and reject all his creations.

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Pink And Fluffy Now, The Dangerous People.

Published on Jul 19, 2017
What are these ones going to do when Satan is revealed?

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Is Jesus Schizophrenic?

Published on Jul 19, 2017
Why do people believe that the Lord is unstable and changes on a whim?


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Rock and sand

Published on Jul 19, 2017
The most unstable

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A Tale Of Two Towers

Published on Jul 19, 2017
What is to be our reaction to disasters? The wet Christmas Tree Fairy sort of reaction of church people or something else?

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Under 50 and education.

If you are under 50, chances are that you haven’t a clue about American History, the principles of the Republic, and what made American exceptionalism the envy of all the world!

In recent years I have become dumbstruck by the lack of understanding within the culture, specifically when relating to wealth, poverty, innovations, natural law, evolution and most of all the overall understanding of legal systems based on the laws of God, as given to Mosses in the Bible.

In 1968 the Supreme Court came up with a law known as the “establishment clause” which in my estimation resembled the old Soviet Constitution much more than the U.S. Constitution. As a result, the ignorance level to most of those educated after the mid 80’s – haven’t a clue as to why Western Cultures had a superior standard of living, and why most of Europe tried to emulate the United States in the 20th Century.

It was only after re-entering active military service after 9-11-01 that I realized the younger generations than me, were completely alien within their understanding to good discipline and order, and many rather expected entitlements, rather than those privileges earn by merit.

Even within the “Christian informed world” the level of understanding about Constitution, and how the scourge of Slavery as an example was seen by the Founders and attempted to be remedied was squashed by the economic concerns of the south, have rarely been addressed within our school systems.
Rather racism and oppression by the white male (even to his women) has become the focus. I am not a denier of the sinful and lustful behaviors often exhibited throughout our history, yet there are much more complicated events within history which reflect as to why many unjust events transpired, beside the inherent bigotry of the white male, who is nowadays often a “catch all” for all the wrongs ever perpetrated upon the world!

Yet the real problem is still sin (of all peoples and sexes), and not just the systems of governments nor man orchestrated legislation or events, as it is God who allows or disallows the affairs of men albeit for HIS purposes, for HIS people alone. Contrary to the now popular viewpoints to post modernism – anti religious’ belief systems replaced by the science god of the mind being ensued in the school systems by humanists, which ironically is now an established religion!

My point being is that historical reasoning has become so convoluted, that it is nearly impossible for even the best of the intellectually honest, and well intentioned people to agree. The reason for this is that the Spirit of Truth ( Holy Spirit ) has been diminished upon the earth: (2 Thes 2: 7 – ) and even some of the disciples who HE still indwells, stumble and fall for lack of knowledge. This is only compounded due to not understanding history, largely due to modern day humanists educators with a pro Marxist viewpoint.

I am now waiting for Satan to be revealed…


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