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Federalists invaded Virginia…

With all the recent uprising concerning Confederate monuments, it reminded me of the time I asked an old southern woman just why the south saw fit to rise up against the north. This is what she exhibited as to just why most southerner’s went to war as “Rebels” against the U.S. Government.
I would estimate roughly most people probably touch the lives of perhaps four generations. When I was still in my youth I sat with curiosity and amazement with a woman who had witnessed the Southern Troops camping on her father’s farm in Virginia.

She grew up to be a nurse at the turn of the century, but as she grew older her recollections became sharper on what she experienced as a child.
She was past 100 years old when I spoke with her, the oldest member of the Hampden Community in (Baltimore City, which is still portrayed as a southern town in the 1940’s encyclopedias) so I just couldn’t resist the chance to voice to her the question of “just why the south went to war with the North”.

To my shock, the old women drew up her fist and pounded on the table shouting “because the Federalists invaded Virginia, that’s why”!!!

If you think past all the emotional driven reactions to slavery, even now in the 21st century, you would realize that most of the south was poor, and predominately agricultural with allot being illiterate, and not even knowing any history as we are taught today. The point being that survival, and their families, were allot more important to most of them personally, than was the moral question concerning slavery by abolitionists.
Emphasising that only the rich plantation owner, and politicians, would have been invested in slavery in the southern states, and was seen as just another commodity of properties that they would suffer the loss of in loosing this war. Also remember, that the abolition of slavery was only applied to the Southern States to bolster the economic, military, and moral positions of the “Union” as it was politically and militarily expedient to introduce such legislation for the overall advancement of the north, while helping to ensure the destruction of the south.
While the majority of Southerners were driven by the idea of a “heavy handed federal government” who had crossed the line in undermining “states’ rights” (Confederacy) which the people felt threatened by.
Often historians seem to “overthink history” forgetting that the average person is but concerned about their personal situations, not unlike the politics of the day.
This is why a hundred year old women would still be infuriated to the point of pounding on a table and screaming at me: “because the Federalists invaded Virginia – that’s why”!
Let’s not overthink the past, why attempting to justify ones position in the current age, seems only rational to me.


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Offence of the Cross

What is the “offence of the cross”? In my own words, it is the condemnation of those who are not found in Christ “now” for the remission of sin (s). Despite how much Bible theology one knows, or their religious’ activities which intends by their own efforts, to make themselves acceptable to God, independent of total dependency on Jesus Christ. It is an unwillingness to abide in the vine, to become the sons and daughters of God, by a simple childlike faith devoid of independent human abilities, and an unwillingness to be transformed from sin into a new creation.

An “Antichrist” is such a person, with a spirit of independence (rebellion) “away from Christ”, exhibiting that they really do not need him as Lord and master of their lives! These are whom the bad ground are, they are more concerned with their appearance before men, rather than their standing before the Lord on a daily basis.
Whereas the “good ground” has a love for the truth, that they might be ultimately saved, above all else.
It is indeed a heart issue above all else, intellectual argument and understanding mean nothing to the Lord God of Israel, HE only wishes to see the one who is truly acceptable to HIM, the Lord Jesus Christ who he gave to the world in paying the spiritual penalty for sin, by a gruesome physical death!

Cheap beliefism will not justify ones soul unto the Lord, he or she must be found “in Christ” before they die, or face a lost eternity. I do not write these things to make people feel good or bad about themselves, but rather to put a spotlight on the imperative importance of “remaining with Christ” (alone) prior to standing before him on the Day of Judgment.
It is not my place to be an accuser of the brethren, but it is my place to point out the severity for not being found with him in spirit and in truth – by abiding in Christ, the author and finisher of our faith.

If one allows their heart to be diverted to “another Gospel” the Lord does struggle to recover them for a time “by the prodding of the Holy Spirit”, as He is unwilling that any (elect) should perish, yet he will not override the will of our hearts, and will often give us over to what we love more than him!
I have heard my words referred to as bizarre, and even un-theological, probably because of the amassing of error associated with teaching the Bible, to those who are of the “spirit of error”, and not having a love for the truth, (who is Jesus Christ – within this remnant) unlike the majority of humanity which are slated for destruction.

My plea is that if you have started with Christ in initial salvation from sin, you must continue with him till the finish, or risk being a castaway like the Apostle Paul consistently warned about (Galatians and others)! Yes indeed there are the elect of God towards Salvation, (lost sheep) which are sown into the world, along with all the weeds (wicked). So don’t be chocked off by the cares of the world, people of the world, false brethren, and dry up for having no depth. Rather continue to abide, grow and be pruned into the image of Christ yourselves, upon which you will be judged – by yourself, independent of others.

I write these things to warn the actual brethren, that most around you will fall away from the faith, only to be cut off and burnt! Please don’t let that be you brothers and sisters, don’t be lured into a sense of a false security by Satan in mouthing the right words, and only appearing to take the narrow road which leads to life, as the virgins who allowed their lamps to run short on oil! Be NOT deceived by the vast numbers of those who claim his name, but push in to finish the race set before you, so that you will hear, well done faithful servant, and not I never knew you (personally) depart from me you workers of iniquity.

Why do “I” feel qualified to write about such events you may wonder? It is not because of man made teachings which I have learned up in my head, but rather because I have been dead shortly, and with the Lord shoulder to shoulder, in my personal experience. Yet unless the Lord quickens my words to the individual’s heart, it is but folly to try and teach people into Jesus!
Luke 16:31 “And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead”.

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The best trick of the Devil since the Reformation!
I just laugh inside when a “false brethren” tells me something is – Not Biblical!
How can those who have not the Spirit of God, even discern the Bible correctly? Well in the deeper things of God they cannot! Only a surface understanding of doctrines, is for the most part what is sometimes understood, the rest is filled in with denominational doctrines or even speculative dribble, which was normally put forth by a man centuries ago. That “in and of itself” is not a bad thing, unless of course they have misunderstood the contexts in harmony with all the other scriptures.

Tonight a Pastor Smith posted a video about racial tensions in the Country, and basically how “we as Christians” are to bridge the gap…
I posted back: Matthew 24:7 Strong’s Concordance
ethnos: a race, a nation, pl. the nations (as distinct from Isr.)
Original Word: ἔθνος, ους, τό
Part of Speech: Noun, Neuter
Transliteration: ethnos
Phonetic Spelling: (eth’-nos)
Short Definition: a race, people, the Gentiles
Definition: a race, people, nation; the nations, heathen world, Gentiles.

All prophesied just like in 2 Thes 2, is well underway…

I then whent on to exclaim; Love not the world, if a man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him…
Then came the typical “love for the world church responses” –
Well done! The message was “Biblical and practical”. You delivered it with great passion (so what), with the scripture verses that you quoted (most anyone can do)… “We as Christians” do have to respond not as the world does (be lovey dovey) and (of course) to be in prayer! Also, like you noted, (sucking up) we need to see all people as created in the image of God. Thanks for sharing!

People were created in the image of God “before the fall” – afterwards they are but children of the Devil, who God does not know, nor does he worry about. This is why Jesus said that we will always have the poor, but we would not always have him! As it is Christ that ought to be a genuine believers concern, (for we as Christians- like put above) not the world and his wife, which Satan has diverted into a different gospel, with those perpetrating it, who are of the “Spirit of Antichrist” a diversion from actually abiding in the vine, and actually following Christ himself!
These people have a form of Godliness, but not the “Power Thereof” and “Biblically” actual Christians are told to mark and avoid them. The Bible never says to try and “fix things” or people, it says to avoid them!

But you see, it is a different spirit than the Holy Spirit of God, and therefore is quintessentially evil – that is why no one’s “Good Works” really amount to anything, unless of course they are in obedience to the Holy Spirit’s leading – who is Christ within us.

When I say “us” I mean those who are filled with the Holy Spirit of God in power, which Paul looked for, and not just an intellectual position (based on the Bible) towards morality, which is what most people have, who call themselves “Christians”.
Some even are gifted with healings, casting out demons, or other works – yet they are not the Lord’s people. These are the ones who will hear on the judgment day: I never knew you, depart from me you workers of iniquity! These “iniquities” are not sinful acts per say, but they were done in independence from Christ – and therefore are not of the Father.

Most every time I post something of Truth, one of Satan’s counterfeit church peoples just has to remark in the spirit of error, as that is whom they are of!

Holding the world together, when the Lord wants it destroyed, is what modern Christianity has become to different degrees. This is why it is written in 2 Thessalonians 2 about the Holy Spirt of God being removed, prior to the unveiling of “that wicked – the man of sin” taking the world stage in humanistic love, which will also chime right with the false church and the rest of the wicked, receiving Satan as God within his “church system” Temple, no doubt in Rome – and not in Jerusalem.
Then Jesus will come back for his bride, and the world’s people will hide, even wishing for the mountains to fall on them…
How’s that for Biblical!?

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The Pervert Stripes Forever

6/11/2017 J. W. Hughes :
One cannot help but be amazed at the British Government and their ‘standards of public life’. What on earth Government is doing in support of the vilest and sickest filth known to man I have no idea, but they are. Should utter evil as anus lust/dykery be honoured? If so then why not decent people too?


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Diverting your heart

Published on Aug 11, 2017
Every been diverted from what you were doing, soaking in the Lord, by those who ‘mean well’? I positively hate being headed off by those who are like that.

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Heart Lodestar

Published on Aug 11, 2017
So what is all the ‘keeping your eye single’ then? Most people have no idea about how terrifyingly far from the things of God they are, despite their naming His Name.

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Oreo Promotion?

This and other products continually, and not so subliminally, choose to promote a global market of unity, with the blending together of all peoples and cultures. Not excluding perversity or social changes which would have been deeply offensive in the past.
Yet it really does not matter, as it is the Lord who allows or disallows the purposes of men.
Since the fight against the Nazis’ and eugenics (the holocaust) after World War Two, the world (perhaps justifiably) swung in a new direction within sociology, particularly within western cultures (whites and Christian informed values) coupled with the revisionism of history, often by humanistic elitists.
So, it is now considered “extreme” in pointing out such engineered social changes, as people don’t wish to be labeled as xenophobe’s, homophobes, racists, sexists – and I can’t recall the word for transgenderism, or maybe it hasn’t been invented, as of yet?
Shaming is another popular phrase used nowadays in pointing out obvious disapproval of lifestyles or choices that dare entail a moral or “old school” ethical code.
This is all being socially engineered at the highest levels of global powers of government, to include: school systems, media, advertisements, industries and even the military. It has been underway for decades, which in my opinion, is paving the way for a world leader who will tie everything and everyone together – including the carbon dioxide we expel in breathing, and even the weather itself!
This is slavery to the world to me, the “Mark of the Beast (666)” in everything one thinks about, or puts their hand too! God’s people do not operate at this natural level, and if they “know Him” follow and fellowship with Him, they have already received a different mark (777), which is not of this world, yet they will be hated of the world for Christ’s name sake. This is all organic so to speak, in the testing of one’s heart towards God.
This goes far beyond natural intellect in using the scriptures, doctrines or theology, it is simply a heart issue for those who have a love for the truth that they “might be” saved (the good ground)!
Also, we who walk with Christ, should NEVER apply this spiritual principle to the world (the world’s people) as they are totally in a different camp than the actual Saints are meant to be. They (the world) cannot understand the prodding of the Holy Spirit within an actual believer, as they do not “walk in the SPIRIT of Christ” and it won’t register deep within them.
God’s people have always appeared as extremist, or appalling legalist to the word, and today is certainly no different! At a spiritual level, “I am vexed by the sins of the wicked” but I cannot allow it to intrude with my spiritual life, or even should attempt to change it, for my countries sake (which is carnal). And for me, their inlays the battle of my flesh. We who know Christ must be able to say – let the world do as it likes, I am NOT the judge, and I don’t try and fix people(s)!
Yet it seems to me that this is the “churches” focus; to try and fix the world and the people in it, by applying Bible principles and standards which are not meant for them! Even evangelism today is used like an infectious virus, which those who walk independent of the Lord – hope people will catch!
It has never, nor will ever work in this manner, as the chance of salvation is only for the elect of God who are chosen before the foundations of the earth, and these are whom the Lord Loves, and attempts to do a work in. This plan is engineered by God alone for His elect, and cannot be effected by human medaling! Yet with even the elect, even fewer (which are given the chance to enter) fail, as they are not “good ground” within their heart of hearts, as they love something in the world more than Christ! Salvation has never been a “fire insurance policy”, rather it is a deliverance from sin, an inner working which must be brought to term, before our deaths! The Ten Virgins also represent the elect of God, half of which are entangled in the world affairs, and will not go to the Lord to be filled (their lamps) with the oil of the Holy Spirit, who this article is targeting…
Human beings love to be thought of as in control, it is the same pride which Satan has, which caused his expulsion from heaven. Religious Church peoples (Christian) also exhibit this trait, as they attempt to use the Bible to try and justify themselves before God.
One of the most sensationalistic times in human history is upon us, the appearing of the apocalyptic “antichrist” (who is confused with that wicked, the man of sin) who is always portrayed as a charismatic world leader, who correctly performs many (false miracles) and unifies the world in “multiculturalism” (the feet of Iron and Clay) at the end of the age. This is nearly wear we already are in human history – hence the “Oreo Cookie allegory” I’m using as a bench mark historically in an attempt of showing “world unification” of those who the Lord physically separated at Babble.
Today the church (and Hollywood) loves to take the Bible and apply it to the world, devoid of the Holy Spirit’s teachings! They use the Bible by carnal means, in trying to paint a picture of things to come. I don’t think the Lord wishes for “the world” to know just what is transpiring in the heavenlies, even Jesus Christ was not told the day or the hour of his second coming. This is no mistake of course, as God knows that men would try and calendar such an event, as well as knowing that is spiritual prophesies could be understood by the world (the mark of the beast as an example) or the actual four horsemen of the apocalypse – which is probably already underway… Perhaps this is why the understanding of the book of Revelation is said to be such a gifting (for those who are real) and filled.

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Casting my pearls

This post is for actual brethren who know and follow Christ in spirit, in having a love for the truth that they might be saved. I have discovered that actual brethren are most rare today unlike the centuries past.
The reason is because the man orchestrated church systems (having a form of Godliness, but not the power thereof) have decided to teach Bible to none believers in “Christianizing families” who were never elect, or worse, elect that have been destroyed in their faith by following Church, or a “Pastor” who either knows not, or decided to take the broad road in loving the world, status, position or even salary more than perusing the Lord’s will in his life as a simple follower. In short has a desire to be seen as a leader.
Evangelism of the Gospel is to the lost sheep, and it is not for those who the Bible calls the wicked. What is missing in Evangelism today; that’s simple, discernment of the Holy Spirit of God! Churches use the Bible to teach what they consider to be the “Judging” of others, or condemnation as they have not spiritual Elders who by grace have learned who is who at the zoo!
Consequentially over the millenniums the Spirit of Antichrist has overtaken and surpassed actual followers of Christ, and actually has become a breeding ground for Satan to confuse and deceive actual brethren in using counterfeits to the truth – who is Jesus Christ himself! Then what normally occurs, is that young believers looking for actual fellowship and acceptance enter into this den of vipers, who are much more dangerous towards spiritual development (known as sanctification) in Christ. The western world, in confusing spiritual enlightenment with reason, consistently cranks out systematic theologies with different degrees of teachers (who often are naturally gifted) and destroy the “organic work of God” with the “Orchestrated, fore brained, works of men”!
All because spiritual discernment has been replaced with scholars using temple worship, which should have been replaced millenniums ago with knowing and walking with Christ ourselves! Of course the Spirit of Antichrist, (a different Gospel) really took hold with the building of the Roman Catholic Church by natural means, then often persecuting or even martyring the actual Ecclesia or Saints as heretics’.
Then of course the Lord God allowed the Reformation to take hold in using Martin Luther, who registered the gross corruption of the Biblical texts with what was occurring globally at that time. The Reformation provided much relief to a struggling people who wanted freedom from the oppression of Rome. Protestantism was born “in protest” to a systematic theology which enslaved men’s minds. Yet this was only really a half measure used to protect those being fulfilled in Christ. The Bible teaches to “mark them and avoid them” when refereeing to false brethren, it does not teach to protest their actions, nor to reform those who are not the Lords’ – but again this is wear actual discernment by the spirit of God comes into play; and not just doctrinal differences which can be discerned by the natural mind. Yet providentially, this is where we have come to in the course of human events, with few barley able to discern the spirits (1 John 4) without being butchered by intellectuals, who can only understand limited concepts of doctrines, as they are not with Him (Jesus Christ)!
My great blunder has been in freely sharing the things of God with “nominal Christians” (in name only) or with the “broad roader” who have forsaken their spiritual walk to be comfortable within the world, within systematic theologies. These are those which are known as “Antichrists” having started with us, yet became diverted to a different Gospel (Religion) independent of the Lord’s leading.
As an example, I would often naturally share the workings of demons, which I had experience with. Or express miraculous healings which I had witnessed within my time in street ministry. Yet such false brethren, (whom the church called Elders) had no concept, or even remotely understood what should have been an entry level understanding of the Spiritual world in walking with Christ! I was often shocked these men could not understand what I had just explained to them. Then wondered just why it was they seemed to have no clue as to the workings of such forces, which should have been elementary to even a young brother who walked in Christ!
The reason of course is that you cannot teach functioning in the Holy Spirit, or the workings of the spirit world to a blind man – no matter how much scripture which can be crammed into their natural understanding! Others would be much more insulent in taking me to task in using the Bible, yet no matter how well I was able to cross reference their challenge in using scripture, it was to no avail in delivering my point with clarity. The academically more proficient than myself, would always appear superior to me in Bible knowledge (and they may have been) yet when the Holy Spirit of God moved upon me, it was as child’s play “in battering them into at least a position of neutrality” although the lasting effect of such “pork wrestling” only produced “angry bacon” which reluctantly had learned not to challenge me for fear of being shown to be wrong, especially in public.
Yet more often than not, I could not speak, and was unable to function cognitively in such debates! This frustrated me to no end, as I knew the answers, but was unable to engage at such a level. The reason for this is that I operate by intuition and the inspiration of the Lord, whereas most men operate upon intellect and reason, and there can be no mutually beneficial outcome simply because the natural mind receives not the things of God, albeit they are biblically based.

This is why the scripture teaches (us) to not cast your (spiritual pearls) before swine: Matthew 7:6 Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.
I had never imagined this verse was speaking about those who claim Christ’s name – I had thought it was only speaking about the ungodly peoples (wicked) who had no love for the truth. Yet the deeper truth in this passage is actually referring to those who will not, or cannot, submit themselves to Christ, as they have not been born again of Spirit!
The church system teaches to confess the sinners prayer with your mouth, and bingo you are born anew of spirit. This is only true for the one who the Lord has decided to do a work in, *and the most forgotten part is to follow Christ above all else, as to be transformed from a sinner to a man or women of God.
Rev 17-18 : Drunk on the blood of the Saints and the Martyrs of Jesus, is the consequence of the “Spirit of Antichrist” many of which started with Christ, but became diverted to the world, or more specifically the world’s church systems. Which were devised by Satan, to rip and devour the actual sheep desperately in need of rescue by a (the) good shepherd.
I realize this is a most sobering post, and how I wish there were actual Elders (men of God) who would help stem the tide of such destruction! As for me and my household we will “follow” the Lord, as we are now much more than servants (because of Christ) but actual Sons and Daughters of God!
The so called, “servants” can stick to their temple worship which will be ultimately destroyed once again by Christ’s second coming!

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Righteous Diversion LIVE 6th Aug



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