Righteous Diversion LIVE 6th Aug




August 6, 2017 · 6:17 pm

2 responses to “Righteous Diversion LIVE 6th Aug

  1. thronedancer888

    This describes almost exactly my thoughts and experiences with my protestant family and acquaintances. These so called churches seem to be social clubs and business links that keep people blinded to the truth of the King James Bible. Attempting a spiritual dialogue with any of them quickly reveals the denominational arrogance, pride and clearly not a born again spirit. It saddens and frustrates me that so many are so lost and do not have a clue being comfortable with this false sense of security. Most are really good, moral and upright people who are deceived by these hireling pastors and church traditions etc. I sometimes wonder if there will be a lesser “sentence” because of this, thinking of my family, hoping and praying.

    • There are really only but two camps of people, those who name is found in the book of life who are with Christ, and those who are not. The only “lesser sentence” for those found to be in Christ, and thus escape damnation. {Luke 12:47} Says that these shall be “beating with many stripes” (by those who knew to carry out a specific task, but did not)…
      Additionally there is a specific judgment of God for those who take on the position of a Pastor – as it is a calling only given by God to some: yet the ones who are “faking it” will be judged with the same standard of severity to those who were actually called!
      I would not like to be Judged by God for such a position which He did commission me with!
      I believe that women who insert themselves into such a position, (given only unto men) will be most regrettable if they escape the fire.

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