Offence of the Cross

What is the “offence of the cross”? In my own words, it is the condemnation of those who are not found in Christ “now” for the remission of sin (s). Despite how much Bible theology one knows, or their religious’ activities which intends by their own efforts, to make themselves acceptable to God, independent of total dependency on Jesus Christ. It is an unwillingness to abide in the vine, to become the sons and daughters of God, by a simple childlike faith devoid of independent human abilities, and an unwillingness to be transformed from sin into a new creation.

An “Antichrist” is such a person, with a spirit of independence (rebellion) “away from Christ”, exhibiting that they really do not need him as Lord and master of their lives! These are whom the bad ground are, they are more concerned with their appearance before men, rather than their standing before the Lord on a daily basis.
Whereas the “good ground” has a love for the truth, that they might be ultimately saved, above all else.
It is indeed a heart issue above all else, intellectual argument and understanding mean nothing to the Lord God of Israel, HE only wishes to see the one who is truly acceptable to HIM, the Lord Jesus Christ who he gave to the world in paying the spiritual penalty for sin, by a gruesome physical death!

Cheap beliefism will not justify ones soul unto the Lord, he or she must be found “in Christ” before they die, or face a lost eternity. I do not write these things to make people feel good or bad about themselves, but rather to put a spotlight on the imperative importance of “remaining with Christ” (alone) prior to standing before him on the Day of Judgment.
It is not my place to be an accuser of the brethren, but it is my place to point out the severity for not being found with him in spirit and in truth – by abiding in Christ, the author and finisher of our faith.

If one allows their heart to be diverted to “another Gospel” the Lord does struggle to recover them for a time “by the prodding of the Holy Spirit”, as He is unwilling that any (elect) should perish, yet he will not override the will of our hearts, and will often give us over to what we love more than him!
I have heard my words referred to as bizarre, and even un-theological, probably because of the amassing of error associated with teaching the Bible, to those who are of the “spirit of error”, and not having a love for the truth, (who is Jesus Christ – within this remnant) unlike the majority of humanity which are slated for destruction.

My plea is that if you have started with Christ in initial salvation from sin, you must continue with him till the finish, or risk being a castaway like the Apostle Paul consistently warned about (Galatians and others)! Yes indeed there are the elect of God towards Salvation, (lost sheep) which are sown into the world, along with all the weeds (wicked). So don’t be chocked off by the cares of the world, people of the world, false brethren, and dry up for having no depth. Rather continue to abide, grow and be pruned into the image of Christ yourselves, upon which you will be judged – by yourself, independent of others.

I write these things to warn the actual brethren, that most around you will fall away from the faith, only to be cut off and burnt! Please don’t let that be you brothers and sisters, don’t be lured into a sense of a false security by Satan in mouthing the right words, and only appearing to take the narrow road which leads to life, as the virgins who allowed their lamps to run short on oil! Be NOT deceived by the vast numbers of those who claim his name, but push in to finish the race set before you, so that you will hear, well done faithful servant, and not I never knew you (personally) depart from me you workers of iniquity.

Why do “I” feel qualified to write about such events you may wonder? It is not because of man made teachings which I have learned up in my head, but rather because I have been dead shortly, and with the Lord shoulder to shoulder, in my personal experience. Yet unless the Lord quickens my words to the individual’s heart, it is but folly to try and teach people into Jesus!
Luke 16:31 “And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead”.


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