Merry Christmas’sacre, from the Christains!

Jesus Christ is only ever followed in Spirit and in Truth, by waking in the truth, who is Christ himself. The early brethren did not engage in celebrations called holy days wear we get the term holidays, that dear reader was invented of men.

The only “sacrament” ever endorsed by the Lord Jesus Christ was the breaking of bread and taking of wine in his name, and no more – like the Galatian’s (and others) were in the habit of doing! All the Bible twisting in the world, nor even a proper understanding of all the scriptures, has ever produced one single child of God! This is why it is written that manipulation is as witchcraft!
It is my sincere belief in this great age of delusion that Satan has produced for himself a “look-alike” to those who actually struggle to follow Christ in Spirit after their initial conversion.
The spelling of this post’s title is correct, in that it reflects the “spirit of antichrist” as John coined it, which came into the world even prior to the deaths of the original Apostles! It is a massacre of the truth, who is Christ (in Spirit) a stain on the pure Gospel of Christ, and Christ alone!

This is Satan’s greatest work in deceiving the world and specifically the elect of God, in an attempt to derail their faith to another gospel of which there is only a thin chance of returning from in understanding its great deception nowadays complicated by a *Biblical type of Witchcraft devised to confuse and conquer spiritually immature sheep.
Of course historically speaking this “Church Age” was actually started by the (Pagan) Emperor Constantine, who for reasons of power pretty much “Christianized” the Pagan belief system of Mithraism, the rival to Christ for over 3 centuries! And this is where Christmas has its roots, not “in Christ” but rather “in Church” the great whore to Christ!

“Easter” incidentally was also an invention of Rome, filled with Lillie’s and candles supposedly replacing the Hebrew celebration of Passover, with a New Testament version for Christ’s followers. It is ironic that this “Holy-day” still includes a bunny rabbit (representing breeding) of the Pagan sex parties once practiced by Rome.

The point being that just because one understands Bible doctrines, this does not produce a disciple of Jesus Christ. Many false brethren (prophets) paint their religions with Christian word and meanings, yet it is only God the Father by His Holy Spirit who produces a son or daughter of God, and all the man orchestrated evangelism in the world has yet to produce one single transformation, as this is God’s work alone by grace – and anything man touches is defiled!

To reiterate, it is only by Spirit that we know and are identified with Christ (1 John 4) and no other natural means are capable of producing an actual child of the living God; only a near look alike! This is why the Apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 4:19: But I will come to you shortly, if the Lord will, and will know, not the speech of them which are puffed up, but the power.
If we start in Christ, we must push forward and finish with Christ, lest we be a castaway, and don’t be deceived by false prophets who are now wall to wall upon the earth!



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2 responses to “Merry Christmas’sacre, from the Christains!

  1. I think it is a reach to equate a bunny rabbit with reproducing aka pagan sex parties.

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