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This is an opinion piece on the struggles I have experienced concerning others with my walk in the Lord.
I was accredited as a minister in “Christian Counseling” by the grace of God due to the study I performed in six years of “street ministry”. I am certainly not the most qualified person who ever endeavored an academic position in the world, but my experience like many others who are seniors now, most certainly has a certain degree of credibility.
About 25% of the population are sociopaths, and within that percentage fewer are full blown psychopaths statically speaking. Still others exhibit some form of a Narcissistic personality disorder, or (NPD).
What I have discovered throughout my life, is that being empathetic towards others can often result in being targeted to sociopaths, as they are an easy mark for the sociopath to bolster themselves up on the back of the unsuspecting “nice guy”. As an actual believer in Christ – in action and in deed, one may become crushed and devoured by these wolves, especially the ones who claim Christ’s name as their own! These false brethren as described in 1 John 2: 18-19 as ANTICHRISTS are actually ones who started with the Lord (like us) but did not finish!
In other words, they went back to the ways of the world and became twice the sons of hell than before they started with Christ (Matthew 23:15). The religious leaders of today are the same animal, albeit we are functioning under a new covenant.
This “Spirit” of antichrist manifests itself within the Church, a type of surrogate to actually moving and abiding in Jesus Christ oneself! This is what a sneaky bastardy enemy the actual disciple is up against, but we must learn how to stand in truth! This antichrist spirit will try to crush and destroy the actual disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ within them. And that is why the scripture speaks about principalities and powers, not in a vague sense like most think, but actually within the unregenerate or natural man.
If “Satan’s” people manage to crush the faith (Christ in us) then Satan has succeeded once again in destroying a child of God, and now days these antichrists take great joy in using the scriptures to do so – a type of witchcraft, as they are not used in the spirit of truth!
Beware, lest you share the things of God with these pigs and get devoured and trampled underfoot!

For the Brethren
Matthew 7: 1- 20 is about discernment, and notice its starts with dealing with a brother first, and then moves on to walking on the narrow way with Christ yourself.

Even more hurtful than the sociopath (to me) is an actual brother in the Lord who uses being on the “narrow way” with Christ, to tear down or minimize other brethren while justifying themselves in doing so. I believe many “born again believers” seeking to be seen as leaders or devout men of God, many times may ostracize those they see as opposition.
This could also be an indicator of having a Narcissistic personality disorder: (NPD) is a personality disorder in which there is a long-term pattern of abnormal behavior characterized by exaggerated
feelings of self-importance, an excessive need for admiration, and a lack of understanding of others’ feelings.
The victim of a Narcissistic personality is often troubled by just what offence they committed to deserve such treatment. No known therapy exists in treating a Narcissistic personality, as the Narcissist thinks there is nothing wrong with them and will not seek help.

So, being on the “Narrow Way” with Christ, allows the Narcissistic personality to justifiably create a wall between people or viewpoints, or people they deem as inconsistent with their personality, or simply people they do not like.
This is very sad when concerning the brethren, (who are to be part of the same body). Yet ego’s aside this has always reared its ugly head since Peter and Paul had a go at each other. It is a good thing that the Holy Spirit of God does a work within His own, otherwise there could be no resolutions within the body of Christ.


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