Big Foot…

I once studied under an exorcist for six year while in street ministry.
Even most Christians who claim to walk with the Lord have no clue concerning the spiritual world! This shows me a couple things, either they are very young in the Lord, or they have never really known him!
As you cannot walk in spirit and in truth, if you don’t know him in spirit – and if you don’t know him in Spirit, the scripture teaches that you are none of his!
I used to watch so called paranormal ghost shows on T.V. 9 out of 10 times these people were ineffective in dealing with these “hauntings”, the reason is that they have no spiritual understanding of what they were dealing with.
So called “Ghosts” the departed souls of others, are actually an illusion (deception) of Satan. These disembodied spirits are actually demons taking on the form and mannerisms of people who have ounce lived, or even beasts which have never really existed naturally.
In the demonic spirit world, ones heart rate, smells and idiosyncrasies are recorded and known by Satan, the once angel of light known as Lucifer. He is a master at deception and will show up being received as God, prior to the destruction of Babylon, and the 1000 year reign with Christ, prior to the final judgment.
In ancient times demons appeared as serpents protruding as hair from the head of Medusa. I specifically mentioned this, as I had a friend in the Navy who witnessed this display in front of him in the desert. Demons once appeared in chariots playing Gods, and always will adapt their deception, depending on beliefs. Even today they do take on the forms which are conducive to present day beliefs, including alien beings!
Last evening I felt I should watch a show recorded at the Bigfoot Museum, it was a short documentary but the Curator spoke with many a person who had seen this “bigfoot” materialize, and dematerialize, just like heatwaves along the highway! He also said that a man saw one levitate from place to place upon a field, which is hardcore evidence of demonic activity; I thought to myself.
Also bones of giant men were said to have been found on the exuviation site of the Hoover dam, but that the Smithsonian institute has never released any skeletal remains. This is not surprising to me at all, in that any potential Biblical truth to the Nephilim must remained unseen by the public, or risk being seen as support for the Bible and or intelligent design (Creationism), it appears to me.
Could it be that these demon/men born to women could have also created the great pyramids of Egypt? Could levitation have provided the power of moving these great stones? I believe so!
Yet stories of space travelers and alien vessels, overshadow today any thought of the demonic beings from the past, because after all, we are much more educated today than to believe in such mystical nonsense!
Like I said, Demons adapt to their deceptions of humanity, and anyone who would believe such nonsense is quickly marginalized as daft, or an uneducated throwback of the past. Oddly enough – since the days of Noah, witchcraft at the highest levels is still practiced by those seeking power, yet to admit this fact, is to admit that humanity is still savants of Satan, who are unwilling or unable to come to a knowledge of the Truth: who is Christ himself!


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