Expecting Decency

One of the greatest errors of my life has been the expectation of finding righteousness in others, because of whom I possessed in myself, namely Jesus Christ. The scripture tells us that the seeds sown into the world from God are wheat, but the world’s people are sown into the world as weeds. So, we as believers often expect to find the same consciousness of God in others which we possess, yet he is not there! Whereas the “unrighteous” are constantly attempting to project their own self-righteousness, and will ultimately reject Christ within us.

Like oil and water, the nature of Satan’s people (fallen humanity) and the nature of those elect by God’s grace, are completely two different animals indeed! This nature change is a work by God alone by his Holy Spirit, and the rest of the world is of a different spirit at heart. The problem is that those who are of the Spirit of God, may not understand how different they are from people who are of the “Spirit of the world”. They do not understand that Christ in them, (for the most part) is not present in people of the world, and you cannot teach them into him!
The humble child of God is not aware that most people around them do not know him, and have never been graced by his presence. This is potentially a spiritually deadly game, in wishing to accept those as brothers and sisters who are not the Lord’s people, by those who were sown into the world as wheat! Even more dangerous is teaching them Bible, and sharing the things of God which they do not possess!

Godly morality is a good thing generally speaking within the world, and has been the glue to western civilizations, yet it should never be mistaken for the actual indwelling of the Holy Spirit. This is the most common error made since institutionalized Christianity (the Church of Rome) started! Those of us who actually have the indwelling Holy Spirit of God, are as sheep to the unsuspecting slaughter, until we are able to grow enough to discern the difference.

All my life I have searched for my niche within the world, then was lured into the promise of “a good Church” to accept me, teach me, and encourage me. Sadly this never happened, and gratefully this spirit of an alternative to walking with Christ never took root!
That’s right, by grace to him that indwells me, I was never destroyed by the “spirit of antichrist” all around me. You see, that spirit of antichrist really does recognize the spirit of Christ within another, and wishes to crush and destroy Christ in us by extension! They hate us (Christ in us, the hope of glory) as they do not have him actually, and are not with him! This is not normally a calculated fore brained attack, as it comes from the deeper recesses of the heart in the spirit world.

This is why it is imperative to understand the warnings in 1 John 4. Verse 3 tells us – And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.
To expand a little on verse 3 at a personal level, would be to say – And every spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ is come in “their flesh” is not of God: and this is the spirit of antichrist. One is plural and one is personal…

Jehovah Witnesses for example, would be plural, in that they believe as the Gnostics did who were hostile to the physical world, and equate physical stature as impure (bad). So Jesus Christ could never have come in actual human flesh (as the scripture teaches)… So that “belief system” could not be of the Lord, academically speaking.
Yet a belief system has nothing really to do with the indwelling Holy Spirit, as it is about academics, whereas the Holy Spirit of God is alive, and functioning!

So, if you examine the verse on a personal level, the spectrum really widens much more immensely! That is, to recognize that Jesus Christ has not come in “their flesh”, when taken as an actual commandment of discernment, and is to really begin to come to an actual understanding of who is the Lord’s, and who is not, within the actual believer’s daily existence!

I could go on and on belaboring the point, but the next time you get a check in your heart someone is not hearing you on an intuitive (spiritual) issue, leave them alone, walk away, because as much as you wish they could hear or see your point – they may be deaf and blind, and you have not the power to change that.
I truly believe, that if you stay with the world, or the world’s church system, (Love not the world, or the love of the Father is not in him)- you may dry up and die in Christ, as you have chosen a surrogate rather than to “remain in the life giving vine of Christ himself”, which there is no substitute for…

So be forewarned brethren!



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