Is God TV now ‘Jew TV’ ?

Published on Jan 13, 2018

There is some sort of seismic shift going on in the religious world and the stunning lack of knowledge amongst those who name the Name of the Lord is facilitating this.


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4 responses to “Is God TV now ‘Jew TV’ ?

  1. Yes, I agree, Dr.Brown who I used to listen to, is now on God T.V. with the other shcarletons, even “Prophecy types” are head on into the 144000 Jews type of scriptures, thinking God will restore “his people” (which he cut off), and ascribe world events to proof of their doctrines…
    Madness, God cannot lie. he will not go back on his word! But this is centuries of Bible dispensationalism and sensationalism, which moves independent of God – by the brain! Beware the Judaizers still greatly applies today!

  2. Jim Neary

    Please read Jeremiah 31: 31-34 to see clearly that the church is definitely not replacing Israel ! We, the believing Gentiles, are to join the great heritage of believing Jews i.e. not to replace Israel. In Jer. 31: 35-37 God solemnly pledges to preserve Israel as long as the sun, moon, stars and seas abide. The chapter ends with a promise of israel’s restoration, i.e. NOT rejection (Jeremiah 31: 38-40)
    Furthermore we must recognise that the scriptures teach that God makes ALL His covenants with Israel, NOT with the GENTILES! (The Church was non-existent when He made them)

  3. Jim Neary

    I trust you agree with the following which clarifies what the phrase “Israel of God” means:
    Throughout the New Testament the word “Israel” (used over 70 times) always refers to ethnic Jews, not Gentiles in the church.
    The remnant of believing Israel, “according to the election of grace” within the nation of israel (Romans 9:6; 11:5), is recognised as the true “spiritual Israel” (Romans 9-11; 1 Cor.10:32). Jews remain Jews after receiving Christ, and likewise Gentiles remain Gentiles; Gentiles do not become spiritual Jews or spiritual Israel.

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