Spirituality and Demons.

First off, Spiritual discernment is the first thing needed when dealing with demons.

Secondly, most brethren today have the spiritual discernment of the average house brick!

I have developed my spiritual understanding, first by being trained up by real elders who knew what they were talking about – in close proximity to the Lord actually showing me just how things work!

I was raised in battle, even not realizing why I experienced such opposition.  The reason, because I was truly elect of God even prior to my conversion. Then I was instructed to help fill the voids in my understanding. We MUST HAVE real fellowship (men of God) who know what they are doing, and most importantly led of the Lord, to do whatever He calls them to do!

I’m tired of keeping my mouth shut, when I see people who know not of what they speak pretending to be authorities. I don’t like discussing this subject much, as it draws sensationalism, so this is just a minor taste about the garbage I see put out on youtube.


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