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Brick Bat

“Brick Bat”: is representative of our “church founder’s brick” once awarded us, yet it has disappeared – because I soon disappeared from their midst. All told it is worth well over 60K! The nerve of these “Priests” who offer to send a letter of recommendation to another temple, while pretending to represent Jesus Christ!

The verse I struggled to express is Matthew 23:15 – Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.



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Stark Contrast

This post is for or those of us who continue in Christ, as opposed to those who have started with him; yet have continued in the Babylonian Church instead!

I realized this this morning as I looked back at one particular man which seemed to mirror my moves around the Island. It is quite strange he continually bumped into me at every church I visited, (in my ignorance) and within the market place, even at the dump this fellow would always show up at the same time and place in which I also arrived.

This changed little through the years, going from a young man to an older one. Both of us claimed to be followers of the Lord, yet I noticed more and more of a division occurring between us, and in very stark contrast!

This man is an entertainer of sorts, and loved working with kids in his always upbeat and “happy clappy” type of entertainment. Whereas I am more of a private person who never seemed to master the social skills in entertaining anyone, and if I did get a laugh, sadly it was often directed at me (*Christ within me).

When I joined the church in the early days, there was a concerted effort to be alongside the head pastor, one time I was even pushed aside when walking through the woods close to the man, almost knocked over by this brother so that it was only him who was in close proximity to the Pastor! I remember it vividly to this day, and remember thinking to myself, {now there goes a real suck ars} as I was familiar hearing down the waterfront in which I worked!

No that’s not pretty language, yet it does apply to the pig’s, dogs and wolves (as Jesus might have called them) which I have had the misfortune of continually being around! These types of political posturing is common in the world, as people strive upwards while stepping on others necks to “be something in the world” and cannot possibly be following Jesus Christ (without repentance)  even if they name him as their Savior!

Yet what are we told, should we be vocal about our discernment in such matters… Don’t judge, is the answer, which is also in stark contrast to 1 John 4 in the Bible, in which a Disciple is instructed to do! The reason of course is because this is a different spirit than the Holy Spirit, it is the Spirit of antichrist, the accuser of the brethren!

The man I have for mentioned, will not even talk to me or my wife now, as we are the testimonial of following Christ within us, as opposed to the counter testimony by the spirit of antichrist which is strongly present within the churchmen, or what a brother I know calls the “God-frees”; pun intended.

This spirit is the destroyer of the faith in which an actual follower of Christ moves in, it is the counterfeit spirit, the surrogate to Christ; the fit into the body of the Satan counter testimony, and destroyer of the brethren who have started with Christ. It is moving in natural understanding also known as carnality specifically when dealing with the Bible by systematic theologies!

The politics of the Devil is to be something in the world, in contrast of walking in the spirit of humility and dependence upon the Lord. It is the spirit of “who’s who” within the world, and when concerning church systems and Bible colleges it has become the worst enemy of a simple follower of the Lord, normally unbeknown to most brethren who think they are following Jesus!

Yeah, it is a trap of the Devil, devised by the butcher himself, soon after the Holy Spirit came and indwelt the original disciples. This counterfeit testimony which was produced widely by Constantine in the First Council of Nicaea, (325) the first ecumenical council of the so called “Christian church” has grown to immeasurable proportions around the globe, and is of the world. It is the Mother of Harlots, drunk on the blood of the Saints and the Martyrs of Jesus, (although most young brethren in Christ never grow to the point in recognizing it) or will wilfully take the broad road, (away from Christ) as to be comfortable in the world (and towards their own spiritual destruction) as to fit within the “Babylonian church systems”. She is the destroyer of the actual “ecclesia” who have been “called out of the world to follow Christ” and are either too weak to do so, or are not actually interested in their own sanctification, (in actually abiding with the Lord in truth) and are also known as “enemies of the cross’, as Paul first coined the phrase. It doesn’t matter the denomination, (as I am not speaking about teachings)  but rather “actually following the Lord” in Spirit. This is just another example of the Church of the Galatians, which has multiplied its head many times since.

Of course this does not include those who have “signed up for following Jesus”, and the Lord God has never chosen to do a work within, they only heap condemnation upon themselves while trying to make themselves acceptable to God, while being outside of him  ( Matthew 23:15) !!!

This has been a description of the enemy camp, which has infiltrated and infected the actual body of Christ (the camp of the Saints) , for those of us who will not come out of this Whore!


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Thus saith WHO?!!!!

Published on Jun 14, 2018

Let none of us be taken in by all this ‘thus saith the Lord’ sort of nonsense. The Lord God does not speak to the world, He saves OUT of the world a people for Himself, the ekklesia, and He burns the rest. Why are all these quite insane people prophesying at nations of the world?! What is the point of telling Satan’s people to clean up their act? How is it, even with the Scripture freely available today, people don’t simple and blindingly obvious truths of God? The Lord God speaks to His own and only His own, generally. What is the point of instructing that which cannot, by nature, do His will in the things that are His?

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Lovers and Leeches

Published on Jun 14, 2018

There is something very significant here in all this. The way of the world is to be selfishly striving to get what you want and exceed others in your attainment, but this should not exist in that which names the Name of the Lord. Those in the True Vine, as seen in Jn.15 are givers and lovers, where the false vine people are getters and have no love or care for their fellows. They don’t even see the need to be like that. Curiously they see those who do and speak the things of God as naïve and foolish. Here is the contrast between those in the True Vine and those in the false. How can we say that we love God if we do not love His people, or love (action) those we come across. God’s people are known by their actions, not by their sentimental and romantic ideology. How many professing Christians today would join the Jews in their walking past an injured member of their own community, as in the parable of the ‘good Samaritan’? I suspect that if someone died in a church, suddenly, their body would be trampled flat by the stampede of those people trying to get out of the door and avoid the problem. What we see all around us is the utter reverse of the ordinance of God; ‘give and ye shall receive’.

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Weak and pathetic Christians?

Published on Jun 13, 2018

What on earth is the use of such creatures?! We need power and strength now, if we are to be witnesses unto the Lord.


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Not with Him

Published on Jun 13, 2018

How tragic is the contrast between the true vine and the false one… It is all typified by the direction the branches are facing.

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Moving IN Christ

Soldiers of the Cross…
*The first virtue in a soldier is endurance of fatigue; courage is only the second virtue.
Napoleon Bonaparte


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Where now LIVE 10th June


June 10, 2018 · 6:40 pm

Cut out and cut off

Published on Jun 9, 2018

A look at John 15, and its plainly showing that what so many hold regarding salvation is quite wrong.

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What I never understood…

Years ago, I had moved into my first house it was very rustic inside with real pine in the small living room, and I had a German shepherd who shed allot. My Mom really didn’t like to come in due to her allergies, and my Dad would laugh as it sort of had the theme of old naval ships, and a musket on the wall, so he called it “old military” concerning my decorating.

I guess one would have to know my parents to understand, they are sort of old school high church people, who settled into the conservative Presbyterian Church, after my Mom, and supposedly everyone else accepted Christ as their Savior.

I had always felt “the odd one out” in our family, although no one dared and express it outwardly. Proper Church doctrines were expected of us all, and the family pressure might be felt to some degree if you stepped outside that dogma.

One day I received a gift which puzzled me from my parents, it was one of those dime store type of plaques with a boat on it which read, something about following your own paths – or the way of one man seems different to another, but does not make it wrong, I don’t remember exactly as I discarded it.

Still later as a single man, I became frustrated in meeting the “right women”, and in going to church, it even made me more conscious in being alone; especially if a member mistakenly thought the girl next to you was your wife! This was social church to me, and it seemed most of the sermons I heard were just a derivative of what I had always heard before. I thought that my problem must be that I was spoiled by the personal relationships I had developed while in home fellowship, when I lived in the City.

I also remember later my father cowering as he was “worried about my Salvation”, well that really set me off – and I refused to make a public spectacle of myself praying with my father in the driveway for the entire neighborhood to see! It was downright insulting, but actually the root of this whole problem was Spiritual!

Allow me to explain to the actual brethren who are reading this message, as only they will understand what false brethren can never see!

1 John 4, tells us to discern by “spirit” (not just doctrine) in whom are in Christ, and who are not! This is the only way one can tell, if it was done by legalism of doctrine all you get is a lot of “Puritans” running around. Sadly, this is what most church people are – they have never really been born anew into a new life, they only adapt to themselves the Bible; which really was never written to them to begin with: this is Satan’s finest trick since the creation!!!

That’s right, they are of a “different spirit” than those of us who actually follow and abide in the Lord! How do I know, most will ask at this point, and the simple answer is by experience. Still others will then say – “you are judging” in condemnation. No, that type of judging was done to me by my father, which I mentioned earlier.

I really tried very hard to “fit in” with this systematic theology system, yet the Lord had another plan for me! I had managed to get voted into the leadership by the Elders (Session), yet even when performing very well in my schooling, and surpassing the board of Elders, it was very evident to me, that they did not really want me in an office of higher leadership!

Some who have never met me, have the audacity to say that I am bitter, yet they do not understand what spiritual persecution is (Rev 17).  They can never understand that it was the Lord himself who removed me from “the system” and later he spoke through an actual Elder in the Lord, proclaiming that they did not actually want Christ who’s within me around their church!

After my near death heart attack while in water survival in the service, I was not able to financially give to the church, and I hardly could stand long enough to perform my office as a Deacon. The head Pastor “borrowed” my testimonial about being shoulder to shoulder with Christ within the Church newsletter, yet they would NOT allow me to speak about it to the congregation! They later found out just why I left, and offered to let me light some candles at Christ’mas and give my testimonial. Yet I refused, as a testament to walking with my Lord, and not giving the oxygen of acceptance to a surrogate for Christ!

It was the Lord himself who showed me to follow him, (which I had thought I was attempting to do for years) and oddly enough he used my attempting to finally receive my accreditation by a Bible school  to show me that was not important to him! I now understand that most people who “even” started with Christ, and claim his name as Savior, are in “no way” spiritually interested in actually abiding and listening to him personally, it is as if that is too close for comfort ( having a love for the truth)! They are much more interested in playing Church, to justify themselves before God, yet remain comfortable while in the world!!!

In fact they are enemies of the Cross, (as Paul called these brethren) and of the “Spirit of antiChrist” as when John first coined the phrase.

I sit and write this today, because in my mailbox just went a letter sent to (a new assistant) pastor, who has never met me. The so-called Elders or Session, has put their dirty work on this poor man, of striking our name from the membership rolls of their flock (as they call it) – which is much-better than having one’s name stricken from the book of life within Jesus’s flock! *( I was forced to put people out of the Army, so I know how this feels.) The really sad part to me is, whereas the ones who knew me, know exactly what occurred and why I left, yet they are too cowardly to stand, or either don’t want the stench on them!

They gave me a month to show up, or reply: so “tong and cheek” I suggested a refund of about half of what I gifted them – as they also purposely lost my founders memorial brick, to boot!

I’m just waiting for this to get back to my elderly father in the next county, this will be very hard, the level of idolatry towards church is unbelievable by such people, and although it was marked personal and confidential, I hope to the Lord that it doesn’t reach my Dad, this is not his fight but he loves to be in my business, and I’m afraid it might kill him!

If it does, I guess that I cannot allow Satan the victory of using his false brethren to tarnish the work of Christ within me. You can’t allow this very powerful spirit to enslave you, you must push in as a bond servant to Christ himself, or risk losing the gains you have made by not listening to him!


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Seek that you might prophesy

Published on Jun 8, 2018

We can all walk in the things of God, that is all of us who are His, who are born again.

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Fruit of God loves everyone

Published on Jun 8, 2018

The horrid lies that many preach, such as God loves everyone cause unbelievable problems and wickedness…..

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Tattoos and the Law of God

Published on Jun 8, 2018

The Law of God encourages the born again…. What is the Law of God on tattoos? So many have them. What does the Lord God require of His people on this issue?


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Jesus in you, not you “into Jesus”!

In the western world we use the mind to understand, reason and memorize facts. This is known as natural understanding. Yet the Bible specifically says to lean not towards your own (natural) understanding!

This is because the Lord God is Spirit and truth, so we must know him, and follow him in spirit and truth, not just our filing systems between our ears! In the 1960’s you had the Jesus movement, and people got into Jesus, yet often times Jesus was not “into” them! This is an age-old problem of believing in something, yet the belief system, like a philosophy, has no power over sin! This is called being religious, and although certain philosophies are much more beneficial than others in our personal lives, they should never be confused with actually receiving and abiding in Christ, who has power over sin!

The most tragic part of any belief system, is that people truly believe they are in the right place – when in truth, they may not be! Satan appeals to the mind, the eye, the soul and emotions to have his way with us, yet he does not care for us, only furthering his own cause which is to be lord and god over all the creation.

Yet the Lord God, who is the creator of heaven and earth, chooses out of humanity (before the creation) a people for himself, to move and operate in to bring glory to himself and his eternal purposes alone! God is good, as God is Holy, and he cannot be in the presence of sin! The love the Lord God has, was the action, of giving his only begotten son (the second Adam) as an atonement for sin, for the ones God has chosen to do a work of Salvation within. You can’t “sign up” for Jesus, it is the work of the Holy Spirit alone, in convicting us of our need for him, because of sin. This spiritual work – which only the Lord does, is known as sanctification, which is a separating out from the world, the flesh and our sin natures, which all humanity has suffered and are born with. This is why it is by Grace we are saved, in whom the Lord starts a work in. I have found that a child who is sown into the world as wheat, will always suffer rejection by the world: by are those sown into the world as tears or weeds.

After man fell from life and grace (separation) by being tempted to sin by Satan, in “willful disobedience to him”  thus caused independence of God, just like we have the ability to do after our initial repentance and regeneration . This independence from God is called death, (for a born again believer it spells spiritual death – eventually, if there is no repentance). The rest of humanity continues to suffer this (separation) death to God, and will suffer physical destruction after the judgment.This continued willful separation from God (by the ones who have been given a chance at eternal life), inherently produces spiritual death, and although there is but one Christ and one Salvation, the disciple must continue to abide in the life-giving sap of the vine, the bad fruit is cut off and pruned, yet if the branch continues to dry up and die, it too is ultimately cut off and burnt!

We must have a love for the truth, (who is Jesus Christ within us) should we ultimately hope to finish with Christ, and further enter into the kingdom of heaven, which Jesus taught was within us now!

All Christian doctrine that I am familiar with teaches Salvation by Grace alone, as this is the Lord God’s work within us which produces growth and fruit in our lives, which is unquestionably correct! Yet other doctrines emphasize that anyone can be saved (from sin) and a type of legalism of do this – but not that, is preached! Still other doctrines will teach that real believers (the good ground) are the only true elect, and therefore the only ones who can hope to finish the race. Yet the Apostle Paul spoke about, when he pushed on in for the prize, as to not becoming disqualified!

Both these belief systems (doctrines) cannot possibly both be correct, which means there is error in one or both. So how do we discern the truth? We do this by abiding in Christ, and letting him show us! Not by compiling all the texts together and combing through them by natural intellect. Paul understood this principle, he called those that didn’t abide in Christ, enemies of the cross.  John said that there where those who started with us, yet became diverted to a different Gospel. The different Gospel is walking in independence from going to the Lord: (The Old Testament is full of examples of this). After Pentecost, this is what John called the “Spirit” of antichrist! So then the “Spirit” of antichrist, is the same as the “Spirit” of error. It is really quite simple for those who abide in Christ, and don’t walk in independence (which is sin) apart from the Lord in their natural understanding. No man-made institution  can teach one these truths, it is learned by our spirits – otherwise after millenniums it would have already taken root, and you can bet Satan would have tried to counterfeit it!

This shows that the physical world, and all living creatures have been affected by sin and imperfection with the exception of the “Second Adam”, God incarnate – “Jesus Christ”. Without whom no man will see God! He is the way, the truth, and the life, and without Him, humanity is stuffed!

The actions of the Cross, was the victory over sin (separation from God), and on a spiritual level, Satan IS defeated! Yet on the carnal level, the struggle continues and we who have started with Christ, must continue to abide in him for a renewal of our “spiritual strength and life” not just our natural understanding.

This is why I always say, that you cannot teach someone into Jesus!

It is a matter of heart, will we walk with him (the ones who’ve been given the chance to become the sons and daughters of God), or will we not? Everything in the world is a potential distraction in moving further and further away from our Lord. This is what the disciples all understood sometime after the day of Pentecost, even Peter.

That’s why the greatest of the commandments is to love the Lord thy God first, before all else!

Jesus did not come to do away with this law, he came to fulfill it!


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Broken Spirit LIVE 3rd June

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June 4, 2018 · 1:02 am