Lovers and Leeches

Published on Jun 14, 2018

There is something very significant here in all this. The way of the world is to be selfishly striving to get what you want and exceed others in your attainment, but this should not exist in that which names the Name of the Lord. Those in the True Vine, as seen in Jn.15 are givers and lovers, where the false vine people are getters and have no love or care for their fellows. They don’t even see the need to be like that. Curiously they see those who do and speak the things of God as naïve and foolish. Here is the contrast between those in the True Vine and those in the false. How can we say that we love God if we do not love His people, or love (action) those we come across. God’s people are known by their actions, not by their sentimental and romantic ideology. How many professing Christians today would join the Jews in their walking past an injured member of their own community, as in the parable of the ‘good Samaritan’? I suspect that if someone died in a church, suddenly, their body would be trampled flat by the stampede of those people trying to get out of the door and avoid the problem. What we see all around us is the utter reverse of the ordinance of God; ‘give and ye shall receive’.


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