Liberty or Enslavement?

Personal liberties individuality and free enterprise are much more Christ like, than are tyrannical and oppressive governments who wish to enslave the masses! So how can anyone who claims the name of the Lord Jesus Christ be against personal freedoms, and then be for: an emplacement of government whose only wish is to enslave the masses to its own twisted viewpoints and control? God’s way is to have Nation States, borders, and a common language of its people! Satan’s way is to have total control of the world and its people!

There can be no common ground, one is of the Lord, and the other of Lucifer. To me, this type thinking is equivalent to taking the mark of slavery, when you could have enjoyed freedom… I just don’t get it, one’s more of a God honoring system, and the other deeply Demonic!

People sure do have some twisted viewpoints nowadays, yet while in being a believer, they should really be able to understand these “basic principles”, as to not to be enslaved.




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2 responses to “Liberty or Enslavement?

  1. Mary Grainger

    Hello brother Roland. God bless you and family, amen Am thankful the LORD have given me a chance to hear your own testimony and also your walk in the Spirit. Am not even close to your pedigree and wisdom. Just finished also watching other of your videos and one particular has made me think and know that is true your view on it…indeed we no longer live in Countries ruled by man of honour less God-fearing men. Truly devastating, and poor image to the younger generations of believers. God willing this will change soon enough, hope each of the disciples that remain keep on pushing in and on towards the goal, and encouraged to stay and remain indwelled by the Holy Spirit too. But perhaps above all, be truly examples and mirrors of His light and truth to the world. Amen God keep blessing your work and faith, amen In our weaknesses is His strength found, amen

    On Sat, Jun 23, 2018, 7:46 PM

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