Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep, is about shaking of burdens of the world which may overwhelm one’s heart, and causing damage to your relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Filed under A wicked world, Age of Delusion, Babylon, Disciples of Jesus Christ., Evangelism, False Brethren & ant-Christ's, Sanctification, Spiritual - not natural understanding

One response to “Clean Sweep

  1. Mary Grainger

    To God be the Eternal Glory! Forever and ever, amen. Am glad you posted this video, for is the answered prayers we agree on…only one thing left now, hope to hear soon God willing it has taken place, amen…it reminds me of the passage…can’t remember at this moment where, but am very sure you know…where two agree in any matter in earth in sincere hope, they will receive. Hope you will understand…amen Thanks also for bringing to my attention the duty i have to my LORD JESUS, amen May God the Eternal Father willing, keep blessing you and keeping you constant and faithful, amen

    On Thu, Jul 12, 2018

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