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The End of the Age

There are but two camps of people on the earth, the Lord God’s people, and the rest…

Have you ever noticed that progressives think humanity is evolving into a greater life form?

Yet the Lord God’s people realize that we are all degenerating and without hope because of being separated from the Lord God because of sin.

These are the two basic camps which humanity falls into, the lost or elect (who will come to Christ) and the wicked.

Everything else which materializes from people, is a result of their personal spiritual condition to the Lord God. The spiritual world which is unseen affects the physical world all around us.

Nowadays, the camp of the Saints has been overrun, the vast majority of people are unregenerate children of the devil, whom is their Father: and they will rejoice when he shows up posing as God, as everything in them will chime right with his nature (rebellion) which is within him.

The “age of Grace” is almost over, and we are heading at breakneck speed into the age of strong delusion. He that restraineth, has been withdrawn, and the world is headed towards destruction as it rebels against all the remaining precepts of the once “Christian informed” western world, and any and all precepts of its order!

All of the “creation order” to use a general term, is being rebelled upon nowadays. Women are in rebellion of men, children are in rebellion to their parents, and all kinds of deviations wish to replace the traditional family structuring, wishing acceptance and to even dominate, while bringing into question what was once called common decency!

Even what used to be called the sexes (Gender) is being challenged at all levels from school programs to the United Nations. Publications, including those dealing with history are being taken over and subverted by those who do not like their content, or the traditional world view (narrative) which they may put forth in the assessment of society – even how it was once looked upon by the generations who have gone before us.

Individual liberty, such as freedom of expression as entrusted in the first amendment by the Colonists, is seen as antiquated and biased (bigoted) by those in rebellion to it pretense. So than, what replaces the traditional laws which western civilization’s struggled to establish, while living in a brutal and ignorant world so long ago?

To me, there is a simple answer; throw out all precepts of the Lord God and his order, and replace it with lies (twisted truths) given in the hearts of men, by their father the Devil. Which is exactly what is transpiring in most mass-media, and certainly on the internet by all those who would dare to challenge or expose their orchestrated rebellion in building a new world order – devoid of the Lord God!

It is the feet of Iron and Clay, (Multiculturalism) cobbled together by all humanity in rebellion of God, as prophetically written in the book of Daniel, just prior to the destruction of Babylon. But first, the world will cry peace and safety, as Lucifer their Father the Devil is unveiled claiming to be God.

Daniel Chapter 2
The Destruction of Babylon

What shall we then do, when we are in the world but not of it? Walk by faith, is the simple answer, stand on the Truth (who is Jesus Christ) the architect of our faith, and pray for those in authority – not to make them the Lord’s as many think, but that it might go well with us.

Trying to force people to live in righteousness, (when the truth is not in them) is a mistake, which only creates greater rebellion and resentment, and only serves to exacerbate the sin nature within them! An example of this is with the many Priests within the Roman Catholic Church, who claim the name of the Lord, but are not actually with him. This exacerbates the sin which is “bottled up” inside of them, and the outworking’s of that sin creates greater depravity than if you had simply left them alone, and not put them under the letter of the law of God, which they cannot keep!

This is partly why the world will turn against the mother who rides the beast, and rejects the precepts of the faith. Nay, I don’t wish to “proselytize” anyone, nor corrupt the actual fellowship of the brethren with false brethren, which is the habit of many.

This is why we have so much turmoil in the world today, in that the Lord God is allowing his providence to play out upon the earth in opposition to his order, and if he did not choose to shorten these days as written in > Matthew 24: 22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.


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The Last Pope? – Official Trailer

The Last Pope? – Official Trailer

A documentary that travels to Rome, Geneva, Belfast and the U.S. to discover the story of venerated Irish prophet St. Malachy. Lost away inside the Vatican archives for 400 years, Malachy’s Prophecy of the Popes emerged in the late 1500s at a time of great papal upheaval. According to the Prophecy of the Popes, a time of vast biblical significance is now at hand. From Ireland to Italy, “The Last Pope?” tells a riveting story of eschatological intrigue.

HISTORY CHANNEL AIRING WND FILMS KNOCKOFF Another movie called ‘The Last Pope?’ showing Sunday night


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Real Brethren have these things, the rest think you’re delusional…

In my 40 years after receiving Jesus Christ as my savior from sin, I have experienced only about five “really sensationalistic” experiences in the Lord. The rest of these experiences were of a simple being led by Him in different situations, in showing me different things, yet in all things these experiences mesh into perfect timing, which I had no control over.

I have added some graphics which I made of these experiences, partly because they are already found on the net, yet like the prophets of old, a lot of  “Christians” want them as their own, or see them as emotionalism or even delusional, while the vast bulk of others could care less!

Yet even with being taught the ways of the Lord, (walking in the Spirit) and the ways of the adversary by one of only two top exorcist’s in Baltimore City at the time, has only served to reinforce my understanding that most don’t really want to know HIM, even if they could digest it.

I have contacted many “big name” media preachers in my life, and one was even the personal boss to a family member; yet all but Jack Van Impe ever even bothered to get back in touch with me. Jack had used an eschatology example I had written about Israel blossoming in 1967, not 1948 in a letter: and months later some Anglican Priest was credited with coming up with the idea, which I just happened to be had watching on his broadcast while studying at Kings Point, NY.  He did however send me a long letter back, with a lot of free books!

Anyway, Angels, Devils, and supernatural events, are far more likely to be accepted and viewed by the masses, than the events of a true follower of Jesus Christ. I was always instructed not to talk about spiritual events to an outsider of actual brethren. And I can tell you if you do, you will open yourself up to scorn and ridicule, by those who have not the living experience of Jesus Christ within them, unless of course it befits the systematic theology of which they preach, to bring in others while filling their coffers!

This is why you shouldn’t share the things of God (cast your pearls) at dogs and pigs, as they will turn on you and attempt to devour you!

Even in my near death experience, by expressing openly that the Lord was next to me when my heart stopped, is seen as simply delusional by some who claim to follow Christ. This only shows me that people will believe what they like, and as it is written in Luke 16: 32 And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.

Disbelief is the issue here, and even when Christ was risen from the dead, (which the above verse foreshadows) people would still not believe. This is what I experienced with the “Near Death” community, who claimed to be open minded, only I mentioned the name of Jesus Christ, which buys you rejection, and incidentally was excluded from the book: “I believe in Heaven” by Cecil Murphey & Twila Belk who edited my testimonial, as seen below.

Near Death Exsperience (NDE)

My NDE: An unfortunate A misrepresentation to what actually occurred to me.


Working backwards, just after my marriage, my Lord gave me a vision of a “Pastor’s Heart”, as the local church ant-Christ (Pastor) said “he did not see me as a Pastor”, and attempted to destroyed some of the work the Lord has done within me when I was courting my wife, even while having a years’ worth of confirmation by the Lord that, “she was the one” if I chose to be married in his sight. This is partly why the lord gave me the short vision, which was to be confirmed to me the early next morning on the radio broadcast “Truth for Life”, with Alistair Begg. He explained that the word “Pastor” was derived from the word “PASTURE”, and it was only God, who gives a man a “PASTOR’S HEART”!  In simple terms, the Lord was  simply confirming to me that I was in the right place with him, but not the surrogates (Pastors), who claimed his name!

While learning how to “walk in the spirit” while studying in street ministry, I had about three miraculous experiences, one is a sketch I made when the Lord was attempting to get my attention while in a temporarily carnal state, (which certainly worked for me) even though it happened but for an instant, seen in the graphic which I hastily drew below at the time.


The last graphic, is of the sword (word of God) going out to the world, a dream I had in the mid 80’s. The late Dr. Gross explained; the sword of God had a gold handle for the Lord to grip, a silver double-edged blade symbolizing redemption, and the old wooden box (wood symbolizing man) was indicative of my body in which the sword was housed in, and that it would go out to the world one day. I use this graphic for the background on my website.

I had a psychologist once tell me, (when sharing some spiritual experiences with him) that “there are many things phycologist just don’t know, and if they ascribe all these things to the mind, they ain’t much of a psychologist”!

So for what it is worth, enjoy the images.

Roland Dell

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Near Death Experiencer Roland Dell

Jesus Christ, being next to me when my heart stopped, was the main thrust of my testimonial, yet it was excluded when re-written in this book!

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iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher , YouTube – along with other platforms are banning The Alex Jones Channel.



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Worrying about being in the right place with God…

I’m writing this post today, as I’ve been worrying whether or not, I am in the right place with the Lord recently. I truly believe the following is what He showed me…

Walking in the Spirit of God, is a “most” simple thing to do, if you are actually with Jesus Christ in Spirit and in Truth. It is not a rules and regulation religious thing, but truly spiritual. For lack of a better term, allow me to “reverse engineer my experiences” in drafting some examples. Years ago, when I was on ship at South Street Seaport in New York, we were at anchor and I was sitting on the fan tail. As I sat there my eyes happened to wonder upon a vessel whose line was unraveling from it mooring, I immediately jumped up and shouted a warning to our crew!

To my utter surprise, they asked how did you see that!?  As the crew went over to secure the vessel which was adrift. And I had to consider that I had done nothing in seeing the event, but rather it was just orchestrated in time that I had done so… In other words, it was the Lord who simply fixed my eyes upon the vessel at that moment!

Today was much the same type of event, I was feeling in my pocket what felt like crumpled paper, yet when I retrieved it, the item was a waste bag for a dog: at that very moment my Cocker Spaniel had need for it, and I realized that my heart was not out of sync with the Lord at all, but rather on the perfect wavelength with the Father, and what we used to call in military terms as “remaining in the net” in using radio jargon. It seems to me that I was so over concerned about my loving God above my love for the world – (as loving the world more. would potentially crowd God out of my life) so that I was actually “jamming our frequency” in communication (communion) with Him, with false gilt!

This is a trick of the accuser of the brethren, targeted upon the sensitive heart of one who actually seeks the Lord’s will in his life above all else, in order to discourage. The perceptive fear of falling away from the Lord can be twisted into excessive worrying about being in the right place most of the time.


While in contrast the idea that you are locked into Jesus Christ (ahead of time, in being truly elect towards salvation) and then being sealed, without regards’ to your willful disobedience of the Lord coming into question, is yet another heresy which also destroys the believers walk. This is often called the “once saved always saved doctrine or belief system” that allows exclusion of the Spiritual relationships health (Sanctification) which has been started amongst the believer.

Both belief systems function independent of the Lord God’s leadings in our lives, and are potentially destructive as they rely upon the letter of the law (written word) rather than dependency upon the Lord, who is only followed in spirit and in truth.

Yet in my understanding, I had forgotten about a simple mental bridge which had helped me in the past, and that is;  if I  desire something which was greater than my desire for the Lord, I would become immediately convicted of it.

It also seems to me that being overzealous for the Lord by the flesh, often isolates and retards the simple spiritual “abiding in the vine”, which was helped along by the well meaning opinion of others who shared with me; and then taken by me at face value, without checking with my Lord.

Or, in other words, ( I unknowingly) took it to mean, that  by works of my flesh this was accomplished, and I frustrated myself, by simply trying “too hard” to hear my Lord, (even when he wasn’t speaking to me at that specific moment) and furthermore, this was not done while “walking in faith” upon the Lord!

This is also what can happen when we compare ourselves to others, (spiritually speaking) a most unwise practice, which at the very least leads to discouragement by the tender shoot.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not to your own understanding, and he will lead you into all righteousness, it’s as simple as that!

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The world is turning to sludge

I am an old school American, born under 48 States in the union. My family is church people (the conservative Bible believing type, not liberals) and the moral principles of the proper family unit were stressed.

I went into the military in 1980, women were still new to being accepted in the services in the Academies. I think this was only right, being that the male was to be the provider and defender of his family. Sexual tensions were the result of this mixing, and I was on one of the first ships to try such debauchery with their temptations and newly formed power struggles of the sexes.

Women do have a place in the services in building up the strength, but are a deficit when taxing the men even further, in there so-called move towards equality.

These are a couple of bullet points to a much more compromising picture to so-called human rights.

Destruction of the unborn while still in the womb, was a real dive from the moral cliff of decency, and can only be compared to the eugenics used by the NAZI’s in an attempt to get rid of the unwanted.

The women’s movement, is known to have its roots in the annals of Marxist doctrines, in an attempt to tear down the structuring of the family, and society in general. Also at that time Homosexuality was being pushed by Hollywood and other decadent forces for acceptance into the main stream.

The American Civil Rights movement was in full swing, and had corrected many evils of injustice, yet it came with its own new sets of new problems, and creating a greater resentment towards the white male in particularly.

I had never discriminated against another because of their race, religion, or ethnic background, yet I sure experienced it as early as my 20’s working two hours prior to me piers showing up, and two hours after they left, in making the same pay. They happened to be black, but it was the white supervisors who initiated (off the record) this new work ethic. I never complained, I was happy to have the job, however I did point my bosses hypocrisy, and with the threat of termination, I never said another word.

Of course, (and I really believe it) this has allot to do with being the Lord’s and suffering rejection from the world and it’s establishments, even as the Jews were seen as lesser by the Egyptians, and only to be  used as slaves.

On a personal level, I have never had a problem in working with another, until resentment has been interjected by an outside political influence. This is the problem people are experiencing today.

At a basil level the absolute authority is the Lord God, yet nowadays everything is targeted at undermining this idea because of the rebellious nature within most people. Evolution for instance, is a direct assault of even the concept of there being a God, with “humankind” improving and developing into a higher life form. Whereas, the Bible clearly teaches that none is without sin, and except for Grace of God in Christ, all will degenerate to the lowest form of human depravity!

And this is exactly what is taking place today, filth is equivocated with righteousness’ as we spiral further and further away from the truth! It is the “Feet of Iron and Clay” found in the book of Daniel, the mixing together of all things (and Peoples) in rebellion towards God. Yet most people nowadays cannot see that their desires are worse than the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, as they use humanistic sciences to justify sinfulness, and scoff at righteousness – even wishing to overthrow it, and by extension the Lord God of Israel! As a result of most of humanity being children of the Devil, they will rejoice when he shows up claiming to be God, while performing many false miracles, while posing as God. Even Bible believing churches, who do not actually know Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth, will fall victims of Satan crying peace and safety thinking their savior has arrived. Yet soon afterwards, the Lord will destroy all this wickedness, and the world cannot hide (and wishing the rocks will fall on them) prior to His thousand-year reign upon the earth.

1 Thessalonians 5:1-3 (KJV) 5) But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you. 2) For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. 3) For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

Revelation 6:16 (KJV) 16) And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:

After all this being said, the real question should be, are you with the Lord, or are you not, as this will determine your destination through eternity!

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