The End of the Age

There are but two camps of people on the earth, the Lord God’s people, and the rest…

Have you ever noticed that progressives think humanity is evolving into a greater life form?

Yet the Lord God’s people realize that we are all degenerating and without hope because of being separated from the Lord God because of sin.

These are the two basic camps which humanity falls into, the lost or elect (who will come to Christ) and the wicked.

Everything else which materializes from people, is a result of their personal spiritual condition to the Lord God. The spiritual world which is unseen affects the physical world all around us.

Nowadays, the camp of the Saints has been overrun, the vast majority of people are unregenerate children of the devil, whom is their Father: and they will rejoice when he shows up posing as God, as everything in them will chime right with his nature (rebellion) which is within him.

The “age of Grace” is almost over, and we are heading at breakneck speed into the age of strong delusion. He that restraineth, has been withdrawn, and the world is headed towards destruction as it rebels against all the remaining precepts of the once “Christian informed” western world, and any and all precepts of its order!

All of the “creation order” to use a general term, is being rebelled upon nowadays. Women are in rebellion of men, children are in rebellion to their parents, and all kinds of deviations wish to replace the traditional family structuring, wishing acceptance and to even dominate, while bringing into question what was once called common decency!

Even what used to be called the sexes (Gender) is being challenged at all levels from school programs to the United Nations. Publications, including those dealing with history are being taken over and subverted by those who do not like their content, or the traditional world view (narrative) which they may put forth in the assessment of society – even how it was once looked upon by the generations who have gone before us.

Individual liberty, such as freedom of expression as entrusted in the first amendment by the Colonists, is seen as antiquated and biased (bigoted) by those in rebellion to it pretense. So than, what replaces the traditional laws which western civilization’s struggled to establish, while living in a brutal and ignorant world so long ago?

To me, there is a simple answer; throw out all precepts of the Lord God and his order, and replace it with lies (twisted truths) given in the hearts of men, by their father the Devil. Which is exactly what is transpiring in most mass-media, and certainly on the internet by all those who would dare to challenge or expose their orchestrated rebellion in building a new world order – devoid of the Lord God!

It is the feet of Iron and Clay, (Multiculturalism) cobbled together by all humanity in rebellion of God, as prophetically written in the book of Daniel, just prior to the destruction of Babylon. But first, the world will cry peace and safety, as Lucifer their Father the Devil is unveiled claiming to be God.

Daniel Chapter 2
The Destruction of Babylon

What shall we then do, when we are in the world but not of it? Walk by faith, is the simple answer, stand on the Truth (who is Jesus Christ) the architect of our faith, and pray for those in authority – not to make them the Lord’s as many think, but that it might go well with us.

Trying to force people to live in righteousness, (when the truth is not in them) is a mistake, which only creates greater rebellion and resentment, and only serves to exacerbate the sin nature within them! An example of this is with the many Priests within the Roman Catholic Church, who claim the name of the Lord, but are not actually with him. This exacerbates the sin which is “bottled up” inside of them, and the outworking’s of that sin creates greater depravity than if you had simply left them alone, and not put them under the letter of the law of God, which they cannot keep!

This is partly why the world will turn against the mother who rides the beast, and rejects the precepts of the faith. Nay, I don’t wish to “proselytize” anyone, nor corrupt the actual fellowship of the brethren with false brethren, which is the habit of many.

This is why we have so much turmoil in the world today, in that the Lord God is allowing his providence to play out upon the earth in opposition to his order, and if he did not choose to shorten these days as written in > Matthew 24: 22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.


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