Character Assassins?

This is a secular post predominantly, and it only proves to me that if one rejects the Lord, only Satan’s order is available…

The military used to be known for their legal discrimination in  maintaining a strong and cohesive force. Discrimination used properly is a force multiplier, however bigotry cannot be tolerated as it is corrosive to good order and discipline. So who will judge the just or unjust authority figures?

Merit promotion policies took root during the Johnson Administration, an offshoot of Americas Civil Rights. The social engineers in “the marketplace” started enforcing quotas for blacks and other minority groups, with the theory this would ensure Equal Opportunity, in the otherwise dominated white male workforce.

Somehow this has morphed into “the white man is the oppressor” within progressive academic circles.

Should not a man (or women) be judged on the “content of their character’, as coined by the Civil Rights greatest leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? Everyone I have ever known agrees with this assertion, yet regulating this principle within the “great society” of diverse humanity seems to have predominantly failed.

Character Assassins within a Orwellian type of society, now seems to dominate the landscape instead of the ideals once envisioned. And a state of denial by politicians that regulating (White) society has been ineffective, even with over 50 years of accommodations, and a Black President only seems to have exacerbated the issues, and caused greater pain and resentments for all involved.



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2 responses to “Character Assassins?

  1. Mary Grainger

    Praise be to The LORD God of Israel, amen my LORD JESUS CHRIST, amen Thanks Roland for your post, am thankful to He The ONE True God for using you to touch and bring light to my heart, mind and life. Am thankful and feel so little in this respect, for am a strong believer that am not worthy of His presence, amen Also publicly to apologize to He that sits in the throne and you for having been an unclean and not true sister to you, and having allowed negative words enter my heart against you or any other and also confessed that I been very wrong about to many thing until now, and ask of The Holy Spirit, The Eternal Father, my LORD JESUS CHRIST for forgiveness and the way to help us truly be healed,cleansed, prepared and helped into the very things He alone want us to see,hear,listen,feel, and lived… am not only speaking of me individually, but His whole body, and all to His ,and for His Glory, Grace, Honour,Power, and Blessings amen Sorry I didn’t post this in the house cleaning video, was not aware yet of it, but now am learning to hear, and all because of His Eternal Glory and Grace and mercy, amen Thank You JESUS, and His vessel He has used, and another man as well amen

    • Sister, thank you, and although I am unaware of any offense, you are an exemplary example to many with your “course corrections” which you deem necessary in strengthening your relationship with your Lord. I truly wish at times, that others had your conviction in tightening up their own walks with the Lord, including myself!

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