The Heresy Of Lordship Salvation

Amen brother,

Lordship Salvation is like asking the Lord where his grace and mercy ends? It does not take into account that we have no power over sin, and never will! It is like “half stepping” the eternal work of the cross on our behalf, making at least part of Christ’s work on cross ineffective, without the believers consent and cooperation. This seems to be a Satanic accusation to me, from what I learned  from the experience of human pride, instead of humility. In actuality, the Lord goes before his people the elect, so that they may attain to eternal security once having started with the Holy Spirit, in which we are sealed until the day of redemption (Ephesians 4:30). I hadn’t realized this until I was discarded by these type brethren for simply not seeing eye to eye with them just how cold and calculated this hidden pride actually is!

As you know CB, I spoke with a man who preaches this type heresy for 7 years. One day I got seriously sick and reached out to him for comfort: I got comfort all right, Job’s comforters! He said I must have sinned against God, and was being chastened!
I never had been targeted before this, and was even considered as an elder in the group. I had never even imagined just how hard and lacking in compassion people like this could be!
It has taken me 6 months to recuperate from such a cold calculating man, who I once looked upon as my best friend! The guy even justifies tossing his own family aside, (for Christ’s sake) and I have to ask myself why it took me so long to see this hypocrisy!

I love the ability you have to target the heart of an issue, and put it in to simple words, which all can understand! So I’m reposting this to My Site, where it can get noticed by “those who need it the most”. May the Lord continue to bless and keep you!


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