Does Repentance Mean To Stop Sinning?

Exactly right, and “glitches in the flesh” (as I’ve heard it put) show that we are all still subject to carnality, even if not in willful disobedience to God, we still are all dependent upon Christ’s work on the cross which only comes by grace alone.

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I haven’t the ability to do justice to this post, which was a type of book review by a brother known as “A Country Boy” yet I am able to sort of recap some of the principles of what Repentance entails as we battle to be followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Christian life is a Spiritual War, when we are born again the Lord has “freely given” the righteousness of Christ to us, because of his (Son’s) atonement for our sins on the cross in our behalf. This is the love of God put into action, the prophesied “Savior to the world” from the stock of Israel.

When we initially are drawn by God to Christ’s completed work on the cross by the Holy Spirit, we come to initial repentance of our sins. The person who actually receives this gift of Salivation is sealed to the day they are with the Lord by the Holy Spirit. This redeeming work within those whom the Lord has chosen to do a work in is a gift from God by Grace, so that no man may boast!

When we come to Christ we are a “new creation” to God, and when he looks upon us, he no longer sees our sin, but instead the blood of his son shed on the cross, for the remission of our sin. I use the word sin in the singular rather than sins in the plural, as the blood of Christ cleanses us from all sin, so it is redundant to look upon any particular sin to focus upon.

When we start to follow Christ by “faith” (which is a principle of the spiritual law, much  like gravity is a principle of the physical law). So, that in Christ by faith, we have been equipped to be “overcomers” to sin, and the enemy, the liar and accuser of the brethren; Satan.

Repentance simply means to change one’s mind, so as we enter into deeper “sanctification” (separation from the world to God) by the continued grace of God by faith,which was freely given to us, and little by little “we change our minds” (repent) about the sins which have ensnared us.

This is a lifelong prospect, yet the more committed we are to “put on the full armor of God”, (which we now are equipped with) and do battle, so to be overcomers to sin, and the enemy, the more we move forward in the Lord from victory to victory within our lives!

The most important thing to remember, is that “Total Victory” has already been won for us by Christ, something the enemy doesn’t want us to grasp! Satan still, even though defeated at the cross, constantly accuses the believer in Christ, to God the Father, of being less than adequate to deserve such a gift. These are my own words used in trying to describe just what type of battle we are in, even though the forces of Satan have already been defeated at the cross.

One of the primary reasons Satan does this, is because of his prideful & rebellious nature he has, and he cannot help himself – so to speak. Once the “born again believer” starts to understand the nature of these battles, and who Christ truly is, he is able to defeat the enemy at every level, and will naturally be “repentant” (change their mind) to every sinful shortfall within the flesh; (as he becomes convicted of the Holy Spirit within) not of himself, but of the Lord. Yet this does take some time to grow in Christ, while coming to this spiritual understanding.

I always remember when Jesus warned Peter, that Satan “desired to sift him”, that is “catch out any clumps of dirt which he could discover”, I believe in order to accuse Peter to God : as not being worthy enough to receive the grace of God, and being redeemed in Christ.

It is important to remember that to “redeem something” for silver, you must possess the promissory note; and that note certifies to God, the work which Jesus did for us on the cross! So, fight the good fight, and run the good race, so that redemptory note hold great value for us when we finish!





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  2. Hey, ” A country boy” glad your page is back up, I feared you had disappeared! But maybe, since I’m not so tech savvy, I missed something in re-posting this?

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