American Politics and the Bible

Missionary Evangelist Robert Breaker talks about Politics and the Bible.

It does matter people…


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2 responses to “American Politics and the Bible

  1. Lennart Lysell

    Hi Roland.
    Yes, some of the advice may not be the best, but still important. We should watch out for the Catholic connection, but the message is forward. Robert accuses the right party of their gross mistake. Thanks for that.
    Politician ….. bah … double bahhhh :-))

    • Thanks for the comment, we should be informed about our environment, as in know your enemy, I posted to Robert that prayer is the secret weapon which we posses to fight spiritual wickedness in high places. I do not believe that we are given such power to waste, but to rather be partakers with Christ in this battle ground we are all in. Yeah, his kingdom is not of this world, and yet Demonic forces are, and we do need to be aware, but for nothing less than our effectiveness to what we are given.

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