Derek Prince: The Gospel Faith and Works part 2 (link)

Published on Mar 28, 2011

This video may completely change your life and relationship with God. It is that good ! Derek Prince shows from the Scriptures what the Bible says the Gospel is. What it means for us. Many people talk about the Gospel without actually knowing what it is. This is a very clear message on the most important teaching in the Bible. It is English audio with Chinese Subtitles

Lightship for Christ

It is very important that we understand the Gospel clearly; so as not to be deceived by often well meaning, yet destructive preaching to the actual Gospel!



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2 responses to “Derek Prince: The Gospel Faith and Works part 2 (link)

  1. Glenn Robinson

    I’m a little leery of Derek Prince since I found out he got involved with the heavy Shepherding cult/movement in the late 70s to 80s

    • I never knew that Glenn, I can certainly understand how you feel. I learned of Mr. Prince only recently; an old minister from my days of street ministry who once did Deliverance in Baltimore City recommended his teachings, as their are so few who understand the battles involved with spiritual warfare (quickly available) and without an actual mentor in the subject. I also have seen heavy Shepherding take hold with many gifted men over the years simply because they were so gifted; but if its Biblical it will always work. Thanks for writing, Roland

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