Once Saved Always Saved

Published on Oct 1, 2015

Sermon for Sunday, October 4, 2015. This is the fifty-third sermon preached in English on thecloudchurch.org. It was preached by Pastor/Missionary Evangelist Robert Breaker, who presents the BIBLE DOCTRINE of once saved, always saved.

It has been said that the doctrine of once saved always saved is a “Broadroader’s” doctrine; yet in fact, it is a sound Biblical doctrine!

Perhaps it is the ones who practice a type of “Lordship Salvation” apart from the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ’s atonement on the cross, who will hear – Matthew 7:23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity!
Nothing we do can ever substitute the completed work which Christ alone has done on the cross. You cannot add to, or take from this action of love, which our heavenly Father has done in sending his only begotten son, for the redemption of the lost who would believe on the Lamb of God. Our righteousness is as a filthy rag (a menstrual cloth) is how the Bible describes it; and is normally a doctrine based in pride and self righteousness, rather than dependence upon our Lord for our deliverance and his ongoing sanctification, for all those who have come to Christ and partaken in his Crucifixion by faith.



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10 responses to “Once Saved Always Saved

  1. anders nordin

    Hello Roland
    Nice to see you working.
    I like this man Robert because he is a very good teacher. And he have a lot of courage. OSAS is basic.
    Take care

  2. Come visit me at consideringthebible.com to discuss this topic. I used to be ours, and am now studying verses that might speak differently. Your thoughts would be appreciated

  3. I’m confused.
    Are you saying that once saved always saved is indisputably correct teaching? Or that it ultimately doesn’t matter if once saved always saved is true?

    • Jesus himself is the way, the truth and the life, if we enter by His atonement on the cross our Spirits are sealed for the day of redemption the Bible tells us. Their are many who will not enter in through the blood of the lamb, the gate, or the Narrow Way, as that is only speaking about Christ himself – the indwelling Holy Spirit. In other words, He either knows us or not, and there is no other means to Salvation.
      So, if one’s conversion is real (the good ground) then the completed work on the cross has already been accomplished for all time, if not we are already condemned. Hope that helps?

  4. Once a person is saved, can they ever be lost again?

    • If they really have entered into new life by the atoning blood of Christ, (the un-spotted sacrifice) no, that is never undone or lost, anymore then an Old Testament sacrifice is undone or lost. Additionally the “lost” are sheep who have not come to Christ, whereas the wicked will not repent or come to Christ.

      • It is confusing to the natural mind; that’s why men argue about it – also there is Universalism where no one is condemned forever… yet that’s not what the Bible says except in very obscure contexts.
        The way I view this is that God foreknew all things and people, as we a linear in our understanding and the Lord is not. We have the Bible to guide us, but ultimately it is our faith which the Lord looks upon.

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