The Devil’s Wedge

In this video I speak about how to avoid being deceived by a cunning enemy, who seeks to create unity in wickedness; and division within sound Bible doctrines, given unto the Lord’s people. A lie is a “twisted-truth” and this is why we must learn to rightly divide the word of truth!

I have decided to make this video unlisted; as some of it deals with past personal disputes, and perhaps wishful thinking on my part, for reconciliation to those who will not be moved from error.



Filed under A wicked world, Age of Delusion, Bible, Christian informed values., Continual Grace towards Sanctification, Deception, Demons, Disciples of Jesus Christ., Evangelism, False Brethren & ant-Christ's, False Church, Judgment day, Lordship Salvation, Lost - Found & the Wicket, New Roman Empire - antiChrist, Pride, Reconciliation, Sanctification, Satanic, Spiritual - not natural understanding

2 responses to “The Devil’s Wedge

  1. Joe Martin

    I am confused by this message. If it is a cult why do you wish to be re-admitted ?

    • That is an excellent question!
      I suppose it is because these brothers (I think) really do know the Lord, and could be a wonderful additions to actually helping other believers; if they would only see the destructive force at work in their teachings. I truly do love other believers, and it may be a flaw in me to continually seek peace with others – especially when their hearts (and teachings) may never be put right.
      Then ironically enough, it “may be” them who are not of God, and won’t enter in; just like they accuse others of being!
      Thanks Joe, you got me to thinking on that question!

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