Believers are commanded of God, to love Him and to love others as ourselves; as disciples in promoting the Gospel. Jesus Christ crucified and resurrected for our redemption from sin.
The Bible does not say that we should add to – nor take from the basic tenants of the faith, but to simply move forward by faith in what Christ has accomplished in our behalves. You know what’s really disturbing to me, I was once accepted on this YouTube channel, when my viewpoints of the Lord working in my life was from an Armenian viewpoint. I gained allot of followers who were very supportive of me and quick to hear what I had to say!

Many had said that I had more experiences of God than anyone they had known… But now, many look at me as an Apostate, although a very large portion of the body of Christ confirms my theological position on salvation!

It seems to me that many are unwilling to be moved in their beliefs about the Lord’s workings, as it does not fit into one “particular” framework of theology!

I have said before that you cannot put God in a theological box, as he won’t be able to show you anything more within your Christian life, and I am not speaking about going outside of Biblical texts!

It is simply tragic to me that there are so many who will not be moved from a dogmatic positioning as disciples – who should be willing to learn (more) from actual brethren even if they may disagree with some viewpoints “scripturally” from others.

A balance in one’s understanding is greatly needed in using the Bible for reproof and correction concerning other believers. An Arminian viewpoint is fine if that is where one’s convictions lie. Also, a Reformed viewpoint of the scriptures falls well inside of these two different viewpoints scripturally.

Yet many problems arise when we take our personal convictions and overstep what the scriptures teach (or don’t teach) within the confines of our understanding. So, do we condemn our brother for seeking out the Lord in greater sanctification? Of course we wouldn’t, at least not knowingly!

But if we take our personal convictions to an extreme (known as dogma) this greatly reduces our ability to see beyond ourselves and love our brother as we love ourselves; one of the most relevant teachings of Jesus.

Perfect love casts out fear (God’s love). So, to me, fear is the greatest single dividing factor within the body of Christ! The greatest fear being walking away from the Lord as an apostate! This fear, is why the extreme religious viewpoint of Lordship Salvation is so destructive within the body of believers!

It drives a demonic wedge between brethren in creating judgmentalism, legalism, and even hatred of others, be they actual believers, family, friends as well as foe.

This is exactly contrary to the principles we are COMMANDED by Jesus to follow as believers! Religious pride like the Pharisees of old is what this type of thinking produces! And there can be NO room for it as a follower of Christ.

I have even heard my words twisted in this regard, in saying that it is human Pride and Rebellion to NOT follow Christ within the confines of such a rigid legalism as that of Lordship Salvation!

Like I said, Armenian conviction is fine, provided it does not condemn other brethren who may not see their walk with the Lord in the same way. And Reformed (Calvinist) convictions are also fine, as long as we don’t pe-judge others away from the cross of Christ. Even a “Cal-menian” viewpoint is not outside a Biblical viewpoint when applying the scriptures, so we must be careful to discern between our own convictions and sound doctrine.

I do believe that Universalism is unscriptural, if simply for the fact that the lake of fire cannot be ignored in sound Biblical teaching. However, we should never condemn an individual to hell for lacking balance within their natural understanding. With that being said; neither should we allow any distorted view to be “taught” outside the realm of “so called orthodoxy”.

The bottom line is; Jesus Christ (the God-Man) the Son of the living God, was crucified dead and buried, ascended to the bows of the earth, and resurrected on the third day for the remission of sins.

That is the Gospel, and weather real (as given by the Holy Spirit) – or fabricated within the hearts of men, only God knows, and will judge the book of life.



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3 responses to “NO APOSTATE!

  1. Amen & Amen brother! Preach! They are so much false teachers of the Gospel right now that God warned us about and this shouldn’t be alarming to anyone of us. For it is the truth and these things must come to pass. That’s why we light to test everything, ask God to lead us into all truth and ask for wisdom. Always! God bless! You continue to preach the sound doctrine of Jesus Christ! Blessings!

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