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History is Violent

The whole basis of understanding today, is completely different since before the Renaissance period in the 15th Century. Humanism has now nearly completely replaced the understanding of fallen humanity, and the Lord God’s provision for sin. In my estimation, history has disproved any ideal of men evolving, or governing themselves successfully without the acknowledgment of God; and need for His forgiveness to a fallen world.


Allow me to give a quick overview of what was once understood by Western Cultures in the world, and why it is important to have Nation States, law enforcement and Armies.

Based upon the Bible, which was once the largest selling book in the world; man understood that humanity was inherently wicked, because of the fall from grace in the garden of Eden.

The world is a sin cursed place, along with fallen humanity. Governments (some better than others) were given by the Lord, so that we might have some assemblance of order, and so that anarchy would be curtailed.

An assemblance  of an authority structuring has always been necessary to keep the peace, for without it man and the world would disintegrate into chaos!

Godly leadership is based upon servitude to people; as in putting the welfare of others above oneself. This is what makes a good leader, and not a selfish, greedy, or power-hungry representative.

The humanistic teachings of evolution, which was embraced by Karl Marx in the 19th Century has overrun our education systems globally; and now the “theory of evolution” is embraced as fact.

Marx understood that the best way to overthrow the idea of a righteous God, was to teach there is no God, and that man is supreme. This also creates a false premise which teaches that mankind is evolving and becoming more and more competent to rule the earth in goodness.

This is all “the big lie” from the Father of lies – the Devil. It is my opinion that one of the reasons the Bible speaks of wars and rumors of wars, is because of a global power grab in just who will play God!

There will be no peace until the prince of peace returns to judge the living and the dead.


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Lamb, Lent, Passover

I unquestionably believe that being partakers with Christ’s blood atonement on the cross is the only way in which we are made acceptable to the Lord. The whole of the Gospel depends upon the shedding of blood for the remission of sin. If men make religious ceremonies which detract from this life-giving truth, they have perhaps even unknowingly, taken away from the truth of the “Lamb who was slain” in our behalves. In this video I “hyper focus” upon the blood of Christ at the atonement, and wonder why anyone would detract from the Lamb’s blood which was shed for us?

The Passover lamb was the sacrifice given at the temple for sins of the jews for that year. Since the temple was destroyed, the jew is no longer permitted to eat lamb at passover.
Lent and Passover have many similarities in recognizing our sin struggle and new birth by the atonement in what Christ has done for us as the lamb of God on the cross; which we celebrate at Easter.
To me, although most would disagree; it seems that eating of Fish on good friday, in observance of Christ hanging on the cross; would be akin to not partaking in the feast of the Lamb: who is Christ, much like the Jew will not partake in eating lamb (any longer at Passover) as they will not recognise the heavenly tabernacle now seated with the blood of Christ on the bemis seat!?
Is not eating lamb, but fish on Fridays actually symbolizing or rejecting the atonement of Christ in action? Even Holy Communion while partaking symbolically in the body and blood of Christ, in remembrance of him; was Christ’s own commandment to his disciples. So, to the contrary would be the sustaining from red meat in which the Roman Catholic tradition insist upon!
Is it just me, or do these other religious traditions deny Christ’s atonement on the cross? And if so, I would submit to the listener that remorse for sin can never be forgiven without the spiritual partaking of receiving the blood and body of the Lamb. The Sanctimonious actions of having remorse for our sins; achieves nothing without partaking in the act of forgiveness by the blood of the lamb!
And although Passover and Lent are religious ceremonies conducted in order to honor our Lord, they are but worthless without taking the blood and body unto ourselves. To me, that is a Satanic twist which purposely misses the point of the cross.


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Nuclear Family Dummies!

Just having some fun with the day us “boomers” grew up in!

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February 24, 2020 · 1:56 pm

Clouded Judgment

I never realized just how significant and far reaching so called, “Trump derangement syndrome” really is; and it reaches far beyond the United States, even into some’s spiritual life!

Here is a link to: Is Trump Our King?
Is Trump Our King?



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“The System”

The Holy Spirit within me, can be very sensitive at certain times in identifying error, and especially ungodliness within the world. This is not to say that I don’t have my faults; just that I can identify carnality from the spirituality as spoken of in the scriptures.


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Virtuous Nation

Virtuous Nation

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February 16, 2020 · 9:46 am

The Dirty City

“Nice middle class Christians” don’t like to engage themselves with the world, nor even hear anything which might rattle their faith! I don’t believe Jesus wishes us to succumb to our comfort zones, but rather to grow and be able to engage the enemy, should we meet him! In this video, I speak about one of the ways I learned this lesson…
A succubus demon: they appear as beautiful seductive women that prey on mankind and strike if the opportunity presents itself. … HE can shape change into a cat, fox, dog or wolf


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Screaming Creation!

Romans 1:20 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.


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Twisted Truth

Be advised that Twisting Scripture is the most powerful form of Witchcraft! There are those who seek the Lord experientially first, and then use the scriptures to support their viewpoints, and this can be very deceptive. It is better to understand the Bible first, so that we can be fed and grow into maturity in our understanding. It is also good to have Elders in the Lord who may be able to share something close to what younger brethren experience.
Whenever I have experienced a move of the Lord; (when not looking for it) I have always found the same things mentioned within scripture, sometimes years later.


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Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance or Gobbledygook … Do we really Seek the Lord in all things? Do we go to Him when we don’t understand his way in our lives? Or are we content within our own conceits, biases, concepts, and dogmas? Most people will choose the ladder, and it takes great humility to seek the Lord, so that he can show us his greater will in our lives, and understanding by faith. This issue here is our hearts, and not just our understanding between our ears, Amen?


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Being Deceived [link]   

Who are the people trying to deceive if possible, even the elect?

Who are the ones who seek to “deceive the many?” We read many times in the scriptures of false Christ’s,
deceitful workers, false prophets, false brethren, deceivers, wolves, false shepherds,
false teachers, etc.
How can we recognize them? What distinguishes them as such? For sure, we know
that there are many of them. Jesus tells us so. He not only tells us so, but He also
identifies them for us!
In Matthew 7:22, Jesus says that “MANY will say to Me in that day, Lord! Lord, Was it
not in Your name that we prophesy, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your
name do many wonderful works?

Then I will say to them, I never knew you. Depart from Me, workers of iniquity.”
Jesus singles out their marks as to who these MANY people are:
1) they will/or have prophesied (taught the Bible; preached sermons) in His name
2) drove out many demons in His name
3) have done many wonderful works in His name
Also, something similar in Matthew 24:5: “For MANY shall be coming in My name,
saying, I am the Christ and shall be deceiving MANY.”

Read more … Source: Being Deceived


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A letter of simple faith…

I’m by no means a professional writer, in fact I grew up with severe dyslexia having trouble in school, but one thing I have learned is that the Lord has always been with me!

I had returned from Ft. Bragg under my volunteer orders for Operation Enduring Freedom (2003-2004). I had hoped to gain promotion as a Platoon Sergeant (E-7) and Stevedore from that of a harder MOS as a Marine Engineer, which I worked in daily as a dual status technician on Army Watercraft. This was not to be, and I didn’t like the idea of being subservient to a soldier who made little effort when it came down to tending to her troops, once missing my promotion when returning home. So, I went back into the watercraft unit in which I worked full time for, as I figured it was allot nicer than going to the desert as a truck driver, which the Army pushed me to train for after leading a truck platoon on active duty. Yet I worried about returning to the grueling task of once again attempting to get my next level engineering license, taking months in school – a large amount of which I already knew, as I had spent time at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy; but the Army TC had refused our much needed course materials!  I had struggled with engineering academics since my time in the Coast Guard, yet felt gifted in my practical knowledge in some of  which a Warrant Officer that was the head of maintenance, had tried to get me awarded earlier in my career.

On February 6th, 2005, was now off leave and had joined my old unit for their annual water survival training at Ft. Meade, Md. I think I had donned a floatation suite for the training which was a bit small for me that day, and even though the NCO’s weren’t required to do so, I thought it only appropriate to partake in the full level of training since my absence and return. At noon on that day, I finally removed the neoprene suit, only to experience what I thought was severe heartburn and ask to lie down for just a few moments from my Commander. Immediately CW4 Gunport called 911, and the paramedics my brother had worked with showed up on seen, and none to soon, as just when they had hooked me up, my heart completely stopped, and I sank into a void of darkness!

I suppose this was the “first stage” of death, but as I lay on my back in that void of darkness and loneliness, I immediately felt the presence of a man pressing (R) shoulder to shoulder against me! As I looked over I could make out a ghostly figure of a man in a robe, shoulder length hair and a beard! It was Jesus Christ, and there was no place I could go in which I was separated from him, alleluia! Without Christ, it would have been the loneliest experience which I had ever experienced! As the Paramedics defibrillated my heart, it was as if a manhole cover was slid open from above me, I could see the men working on me as I seemed to emerge from the abyss!

Later as they continued to defibrillate my heart enroot to the hospital, I can remember wishing I could see where I was, yet no windows were in the ambulance. All the sudden, I was looking down upon my own ambulance in perfect clarity of mind and vision! I prayed hard to the Lord not to take me yet, as I worried about my wife, and having not completed my earthly mission in my ascension. The Lord answered my prayer, and the next thing I can remember was in being loaded into the medivac helicopter for air lift before passing out!

A Footnote: I had worked around helicopters before and had hoped I would finally get a flight which I could remember; but I guess I’m just being silly. Also, it was three days after my Ordination credentials were received, and it was a big hit for the men at work – as they roared with laughter! This was also near to my twenty years of military service too.

When I arrived at Washington Hospital Center for emergency stenting, I woke up ever so briefly to see my wife in the ICU unit beside me, and I told her to hide in the corner. I didn’t wake up again until three days later. I was not expected to survive the night I learned later, and the staff discovered Elaine, forcing her to leave the ICU.

As I finally awoke the first thing, I saw was my Mother and Father at the foot of my bed watching me, and I’m sure with plenty of prayers. My Brother the PA at the Naval Hospital sat beside me. My twin sister flew in from Texas and her son, later my friends, Sergeant Majors and Army Officers came in to visit. Later after two weeks my stent started to clog up again in my proximal LAD, and they rushed me down to the operating room again. The Wife and I were sure this was it this time, when a nurse spoke to me calmly and exclaimed to me “Mr. Dell, the Enemy knows who you are, but this will not affect the things which the Lord has planned for you!” …. I was stunned as I had never seen this nurse before, yet she had repeated back to me a private prayer I had prayed weeks before about being like Paul, Silos, and Jesus!

Within a day after I awoke, I received a phone call that said I was no longer insured under TRICARE, as I had been off active duty for more than a year! That started a long campaign with me and other service members in securing military medical treatment for not only line of duty injuries and sickness like myself but including combat wounded reservists as well! I can remember the late Astronaut Chuck Brady, telling me that Abraham Lincoln would have turned over in his grave if he had known veterans didn’t receive the care they had earned! With the help of the late Senator John McCain, my case along with many others, went all the way up to the Pentagon and TRICARE Reserve select was later passed into law.

This was an election year, and soon afterwards my Military Medical Board started feeling the pressure in completing my case file, which had grown to the size of a phone book! The poor NCO who decided to work my case (when others wouldn’t) got reprimanded from the command responsible for handling my case. It was tragic; the poor Soldier who made it as easy as he could on us, got in trouble for the technicality of not having us present everyday of administrative turmoil! But as they say shit rolls downhill, and the poor man got relieved from a very hard position and job!

Three weeks later after returning to Church, the sermon was on the Good Shepherd lying down with the lamb; it was as if the Holy Spirit dumped over me like a bucket of water, and I then knew in faith that the Good Shepherd was lying down with me the day my heart stopped!

13 years later my hearts hardware to my implantable defibrillator had grown “vegetation” or infection right into the chamber of my heart. It was a major emergency which only my device nurse became alarmed about when pointing out a pink spot right below the “can” located at the top of my left chest. Immediately Elaine and I rushed to the hospital again in Baltimore, in not having enough time to even pack our belongings! The University of Maryland made test after tests, and scans after scan while debating back and forth what they should do, or in my case, not do! If that wasn’t grueling enough, I developed an allergic reaction to the strong antibiotic fluid being pumped into me. I had developed “Red Man’s” on every square inch of my body, which felt like rolling around in a field full of mosquitoes!

Elaine stayed with me many nights, but I could not help but groan being so uncomfortable. I had also left a fellowship which had accused me of being “Chastened of God” for following politics too much (a love for the world, as they saw it). Let me tell you, the last thing one needs to hear in such misery is a bunch of self-righteous Job’s Comforters during such a trail of life!

I would like to interject at this point, that my devise nurse also was in a church much like this and had to leave, and her political views were not really on par with mine, yet we were good friends for the love of Christ in our lives; and she ended up doing medical missionary work overseas, and told me the supplies always managed to reach her on time! We must be careful in how we view others walks in the Lord!

It was strange this time around in the hospital in fearing for my life, the only experience I had was in the catherization lab, they had put on some canned music and half dazed the song started playing “Knock, knock ,knocking on heavens door, by Bob Dylan – a man who once denounced his faith in Christ. The staff then scrambled to turn it off, as tears started running down my face. I was a one-time cowboy shooter at the range at that time!

At the end of that week, I was encouraged by a doctor with a thick German accent to arrange surgery at Johns Hopkins, with the man who invented laser surgery to the heart, Dr Love. The morning I was slated to leave (so that I wouldn’t have to be on suppression therapy the rest of my life), I saw a familiar sight outside my window, it was the small company truck my dad was with, and I worked for also making a delivery to the Hospital! To me, that was just the medicine which I needed to lift my spirit up!

Many times, within our lives it is the little personal things which our Lord knows about us, and not the grandiose spectacular things which the world sees as important! Knowing Jesus Christ is one of the most personal things we can experience, and that’s why we shouldn’t cast our little pearls before swine who will turn and render us with them! Often, people don’t want to see or hear these testimonials of hope, as they love the darkness, rather than the light, a testament to the fall of mankind from grace.

One thing which I have learned in growing in my faith, is that one’s experiences may go from spectacular to diminished, but it does not mean the Lord has left us, (or we have left the Lord) rather like a child the Father needn’t to have to hold us as close, as we grow into spiritual maturity.

I could write much, much, more about what I have learned of the Lord, myself, and others – but I could never stop in my testimonials. Yet the Principle of this letter is that we must live by faith, and in doing so we come to a deeper understanding of just how faithful the Lord is to us, if we simply take the time to rest and reflect upon him.

It has been 15 years since my career ending heart attack in the U.S. Army, but Praise God I have more time to write about Him now!

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Struggle in the Flesh

Jesus IS Redemption, the Hope of Glory!
Without Him, we can do nothing!

With all due respect to my Armenian brethren, but for the love of the Gospel I believe that the accuser of the brethren (Satan) stumbles many committed followers of Jesus Christ with the insistence of walking away from the Lord into Apostasy, then being condemned to hell as they can never return to Christ!

This doctrine I believe, is the single most destructive doctrine ever contrived to stumble and retard the true believers growth in our Lord’s Sanctification of the body by grace causing more focus upon ourselves and our shortcomings, and less focus upon Jesus Christ’s completed work on the cross in the believer’s behalf.

Jesus Christ’s faithfulness to us “His Bride” is never ending, and is not dependent upon our works in the flesh, but rather dependent upon our “faithfulness” or FAITH IN HIM, rather than putting any faith in ourselves which will always fall short in walking in Holiness!

The “unmerited favor” given to us freely by grace, is without repentance throughout our lives. We may fall short of our calling, but our Bridegroom cannot! He is our Redeemer, Savior, and Justification not just for a season, but rather for eternity for all who are contrite enough to realize, that apart from Christ, we have no hope to overcome sin within our naturally born corrupted flesh.

It is evident to me, that Christ being born in the “likeness” of sinful flesh, and yet without sin, was the reason he was born to die on a cross in our behalves, simply for the fact that no man can keep the law, in which humanity will be judged for on the day of reckoning!

Without Christ’s atoning blood on the “Mercy Seat” which is our permanent eternal redemption for all who have confessed his name before the Father, none of us have any hope in ever being able to obtain Salvation! This blood atonement in our behalves is what is seen by the Father in our sins, and all flesh and fleshly works are but filthy rags, only fit to be burnt!

Therefore, all true disciples of Jesus Christ are promised to receive a new “glorified body”, as no earthly (corrupted) flesh or blood are allowed in the Kingdom of Heaven! These glorified bodies are given to us after death of our flesh; as our Soul’s and Human Spirits have already been made complete within the Sanctification process by faith; in which the Lord promised to complete in us for the day of Christ Jesus, and not of ourselves that any man should boast!


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Follow the Lord Oneself!

As, Christ will never leave us nor forsake us! A dear brother I knew once told me NOT to follow a “prescriptive religion” about Christ, but rather Christ himself. Absolutely correct, yet we must be aware that oftentimes our perceptions of who Christ is to us, and the workings of the Holy Spirit within us, are understood in the light of scripture, instead of just our “perceptions” as we grow.


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Without Excuse

Without Excuse: I take to task just how easy it is today in learning sound doctrines from the Bible.
I normally don’t like to have and go into examining scriptures, and I do prefer the King James – yet oftentimes it is much easier to get others to understand the proper contexts (and easier for me to read) in using the ASV or ESV in quickly pointing out error, rather than breaking down the old English. I have found that with these verses, there is no conflict in meaning.

There is a possibility that Revelation 3:5 is speaking about those who will not take the “Mark of the Beast”, after Christ returns for (Rapture) of the Church (Ekklisia) – His Bride, as taught within pre-millennialism eschatology. But in no way would the scripture support those who are saved by faith “now”, at the end of the present “Church” age.


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