Without Excuse

Without Excuse: I take to task just how easy it is today in learning sound doctrines from the Bible.
I normally don’t like to have and go into examining scriptures, and I do prefer the King James – yet oftentimes it is much easier to get others to understand the proper contexts (and easier for me to read) in using the ASV or ESV in quickly pointing out error, rather than breaking down the old English. I have found that with these verses, there is no conflict in meaning.

There is a possibility that Revelation 3:5 is speaking about those who will not take the “Mark of the Beast”, after Christ returns for (Rapture) of the Church (Ekklisia) – His Bride, as taught within pre-millennialism eschatology. But in no way would the scripture support those who are saved by faith “now”, at the end of the present “Church” age.



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