Struggle in the Flesh

Jesus IS Redemption, the Hope of Glory!
Without Him, we can do nothing!

With all due respect to my Armenian brethren, but for the love of the Gospel I believe that the accuser of the brethren (Satan) stumbles many committed followers of Jesus Christ with the insistence of walking away from the Lord into Apostasy, then being condemned to hell as they can never return to Christ!

This doctrine I believe, is the single most destructive doctrine ever contrived to stumble and retard the true believers growth in our Lord’s Sanctification of the body by grace causing more focus upon ourselves and our shortcomings, and less focus upon Jesus Christ’s completed work on the cross in the believer’s behalf.

Jesus Christ’s faithfulness to us “His Bride” is never ending, and is not dependent upon our works in the flesh, but rather dependent upon our “faithfulness” or FAITH IN HIM, rather than putting any faith in ourselves which will always fall short in walking in Holiness!

The “unmerited favor” given to us freely by grace, is without repentance throughout our lives. We may fall short of our calling, but our Bridegroom cannot! He is our Redeemer, Savior, and Justification not just for a season, but rather for eternity for all who are contrite enough to realize, that apart from Christ, we have no hope to overcome sin within our naturally born corrupted flesh.

It is evident to me, that Christ being born in the “likeness” of sinful flesh, and yet without sin, was the reason he was born to die on a cross in our behalves, simply for the fact that no man can keep the law, in which humanity will be judged for on the day of reckoning!

Without Christ’s atoning blood on the “Mercy Seat” which is our permanent eternal redemption for all who have confessed his name before the Father, none of us have any hope in ever being able to obtain Salvation! This blood atonement in our behalves is what is seen by the Father in our sins, and all flesh and fleshly works are but filthy rags, only fit to be burnt!

Therefore, all true disciples of Jesus Christ are promised to receive a new “glorified body”, as no earthly (corrupted) flesh or blood are allowed in the Kingdom of Heaven! These glorified bodies are given to us after death of our flesh; as our Soul’s and Human Spirits have already been made complete within the Sanctification process by faith; in which the Lord promised to complete in us for the day of Christ Jesus, and not of ourselves that any man should boast!



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