Lamb, Lent, Passover

I unquestionably believe that being partakers with Christ’s blood atonement on the cross is the only way in which we are made acceptable to the Lord. The whole of the Gospel depends upon the shedding of blood for the remission of sin. If men make religious ceremonies which detract from this life-giving truth, they have perhaps even unknowingly, taken away from the truth of the “Lamb who was slain” in our behalves. In this video I “hyper focus” upon the blood of Christ at the atonement, and wonder why anyone would detract from the Lamb’s blood which was shed for us?

The Passover lamb was the sacrifice given at the temple for sins of the jews for that year. Since the temple was destroyed, the jew is no longer permitted to eat lamb at passover.
Lent and Passover have many similarities in recognizing our sin struggle and new birth by the atonement in what Christ has done for us as the lamb of God on the cross; which we celebrate at Easter.
To me, although most would disagree; it seems that eating of Fish on good friday, in observance of Christ hanging on the cross; would be akin to not partaking in the feast of the Lamb: who is Christ, much like the Jew will not partake in eating lamb (any longer at Passover) as they will not recognise the heavenly tabernacle now seated with the blood of Christ on the bemis seat!?
Is not eating lamb, but fish on Fridays actually symbolizing or rejecting the atonement of Christ in action? Even Holy Communion while partaking symbolically in the body and blood of Christ, in remembrance of him; was Christ’s own commandment to his disciples. So, to the contrary would be the sustaining from red meat in which the Roman Catholic tradition insist upon!
Is it just me, or do these other religious traditions deny Christ’s atonement on the cross? And if so, I would submit to the listener that remorse for sin can never be forgiven without the spiritual partaking of receiving the blood and body of the Lamb. The Sanctimonious actions of having remorse for our sins; achieves nothing without partaking in the act of forgiveness by the blood of the lamb!
And although Passover and Lent are religious ceremonies conducted in order to honor our Lord, they are but worthless without taking the blood and body unto ourselves. To me, that is a Satanic twist which purposely misses the point of the cross.



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2 responses to “Lamb, Lent, Passover

  1. It’s a mystery to me how so many can preach a bloodless gospel. There is life in the blood. No blood makes for a dead gospel. Which is no gospel at all!

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