Climate Change: A Ruse to Control World Economies – Have the Globalists Gone to Plan B With Covid-19 Virus?

I also believe that because the 85000 molecules in the atmosphere only 1 is from man made emissions that 97% of the models “accepted” under the Obama administration, with 8,000 opposing studies simply tossed out, that this is simply about controlling others, and bringing down so called fossil fuels!
I would not doubt that COVID -19 may be away to crash the U.S. Economy under Trump, in hopes to stop his re-election… But of course, who could prove it?
Bio warfare is not below the Globalist to destroy lives and nations, if they feel the end game meets their needs.This may have naturally occur from a country whose food is sold like in a petri dish of disease, but it is also odd the city it broke out in, is close to China’s bio labs; coincidence – maybe? Another Global grab for control – definitely!

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

I wrote the article about the lie of “Climate Change” (used to be Global Warming) in 2015.  I realized that the Global Warming mantra was simply a way to manipulate Countries and eventually, through environmental regulations, take control of all economies of every nation on earth.

I am merely asking the question: Have the globalists, having failed to implement Plan A, gone onto Plan B with this Universal shut down of the world due to the Covid-19 Virus?  Simply asking……..

I do not believe that this is farfetched, but again I am asking questions that only God can answer.  We must trust Him.  

It has been said many times that the ONLY thing standing in the way of Globalism is a Strong America.

Original Article from 2015:

‘Climate Change’ Used as a Ruse to Control the World’s Economies

Leftist/Socialist/Communist/Progressive tyrants see the lie of Climate Change as their way…

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