Experts Fear China “Weaponizing” Pharmaceuticals Sold To U.S.

As a Retired Military man, I’ve read allot on this possibility, if you notice the World Trade World Health Organizations and some others (globalists), seem to be subservient to the Chinese Communist Party money. This is no accident, the idea was if China could not beat the U.S. Militarily, other means needed to be developed. The CCP doesn’t give a hang who they hurt as long as they stay in power! The Wuhan level 4 Bio Lab had bragged about this development – then it got loose…

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

I was researching today about the percentage of pharmaceuticals and OTC pain relievers for which the U.S. depends upon China. That number hovers around 97%. 

Pretty alarming – wouldn’t you say?

As I was researching various websites about this problem, I happened upon an article which was written during the time when Covid-19 was killing Chinese citizens, but the Communist government covered this up.

The article about pharmaceuticals from China was written on 12/20/2019.

A whistle blower from Wuhan, China who desperately wanted to alert the nations of the world that Corona virus was transmitting from person to person (Dr.Li Wenliang) was pronounced dead, then alive and then finally dead by the government of China. Most people believe that Dr. Wenliang was murdered for his attempt to warn the world of what was really happening.

Look at these pictures.  The first one is of the doctor when he was treating…

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