Life Shifted

Beautifully said G.W. , and most true! The only thing I might add is that immediately when my heart stopped the Lord was with me! Dying alone (without Christ) would have been the worst experience of my life, however with Christ it is NO BIG DEAL; I worried more about my wife, and completing my mission on earth, than myself! It was a feeling of freedom with perfect clarity of mind and vision which I had (looking down) ; but still the desire for those left behind was present within me. Suffering is apart of life, yet most wish to hold on, but often it takes more courage to fight to live than to die.  I think this is because death is still unnatural to how we were created! Wishing a long prosperous life to all, yet it is all just temporary – I once saw as a bumper sticker to an old man’s pickup!

His eye is on the sparrow


The confinement of enforced social distancing due to the latest world plague is a hardship passing. However, as life experiences go, it is not the most considerable difficulty I have known – up to this point. Admittedly, this is my personal experience of the current circumstances. Others have lost loved ones to this sickness, and those departed lost their very lives. Still increasingly more may know additional loss as no sure cure has been discovered of yet.

The standard world each of us had known suddenly moved, as the slow turning of view inside a kaleidoscope. A deep tectonic plate shifted the way life in this world is interpreted behind the eyes of the beholder.

But strangely enough, nothing has really changed except current events. The typical state of the world has always been one of these continual changes. New life coming as another breath departs has been the…

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  1. Thanks so much, Roland.

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