Fighting Wars Already Won

All these things are based on perceptions forwarded by people who have already won their freedoms! This is an old Marxist tactic used to put the squeeze on politicians and malcontents from the bottom and top of the political spectrum. Yet it is all an illusion used to convince people they are in the minority of public opinion, when in truth they really are not! This is what makes it so dangerous to any democratic republic; and is simply a tactic used to gain power – normally by tyrants, not people who care – it is but strong delusion!

The Rio Norte Line


It is neither stunning nor brave to fight a war that has already been won, but that is what many “movements” do.

They continue to “fight” even when there are no shots being fired, no bombs being dropped and no men in the field but they do this because there is no danger to them of being shot, blown up or captured. There is no risk in fighting such a war.

If there is no risk, why not fight? Who would ever not do anything that presented no risk, only reward? Worst case, you wind up at the exact same place as you started – but if you did win, you can continue to brow beat your opponent for things he did not do to your satisfaction – but in the end these “wars” are little more play acting.

Much as kids playing “war” or “Cowboys and Indians” (oh my…

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