It’s Real Personal

I certainly respect your candor on this issue, it seems to me all based in fear because of the perceived power these activists have. Big corporations fear this power, so they accept the narrative and jump on board as to protect themselves! People talk about NAZI’s and brown shirts of the past (based on race) but they don’t grasp that this is the same type of manipulation for control as well!
Nation against nation, and Kingdom against kingdom, prophesied; is the only comfort which I draw from such demonic manipulation against God’s appointed law and order! Great Read, thank you!


I have been told by some that I should not take certain things personally. Yes, I have been told that I should not be moved by compassion, well in so many words. The problem is that I can’t help but take certain things personally. This is especially true with those things that directly impact me. When it impacts me it’s real personal. To say otherwise is disingenuous at best.

Let’s look at the idea of Blacks supporting “Black” businesses. There are many that suggest that Blacks should support such businesses. And, while I have no problem with the free flow of business it bothers me when they are yelling that we should support Black business refuse to support my work. They have refused to help me in business and won’t buy my books. While I am called Black by ethnicity it seems strange that my “Black” business is not worthy…

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  1. Lennart

    Hello Roland
    Of course we shall take everything personally !
    The truth is that we do it in the name of our Lord. Yes all other opinions is garbage. We are in Him and everything matters.
    GB and thank you for your good works.
    Greetings from the lost

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