A Quantum Question

The natural mind understands NOT the things of God…

The elect, providence, the cross, running the good race, saved from sin, eternal life, regeneration, sanctification, Holiness, redemption, leaven (puffed up) and the contexts of sound doctrine cannot be completely understood by the natural mind alone. Rather it is by “Faith Alone” through the atoning blood of Christ that we are made complete.

If we attempt to grasp our faith in Christ by intellect alone, we will become frustrated in discovering we have no power over sin! Yet, more often than not many believe they play apart in their redemption – and eternal security by works; and yet works without faith is dead!

It has been my experience that Salvation is in “quantum mechanics” or a Spiritual issue, (as it is conceived in the mind of God) and therefore has no beginning and no end, so it cannot be grasped through our natural understanding of the scriptures alone, but only by faith which also is spiritual and God inspired.

I believe Paul understood this, and is why he preached Christ, and Christ Crucified “alone” then instructed the brethren to move in faith beyond what is elementary.

Yet men still contend and are content to argue the essence of what Christ has already accomplished at Calvary! In my opinion, this is because men refuse to try and fathom the infinite love and mercy by grace our heavenly father has given to all who would believe on the only-begotten son of the living God, who suffered on a cross and given as a ransom for all who would put their faith in him.

Salvation seems to be a never-ending argument (like many others) in using men who founded many different “denominational” positions and beliefs’. Often the later imperfect founders are scrutinized for their brutality in pushing their beliefs on others, “and rightly so”. Yet this does not negate nor diminish the power of the Gospel in any way shape or form!

By FAITH, we are saved by GRACE, and not of ourselves, that any man may boast.

We are Bridesmaids and are to remain FAITHFUL, not out of fear but because of our love for Christ. Are they’re those who will be lost: absolutely – but not because of their human efforts, it is simply because they would not remain faithful to Christ – and Christ alone for salvation. This boils down to the heart, not dogma nor our personal failings, but rather our love for the Bridegroom. Which is all based in God inspired faith, not religious works of the flesh.



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