Looking Back

This is a screenshot of an email I received from Back to the Bible; it shows the true meaning of what the Apostle Paul was speaking about in “running the good race” for Christ.  It is pure and simple, it reminds us that life is a challenge, and if we do not want to be disqualified, we will push forward in our faith to obtain the victory in every matter we might encounter!

Paul wrote this as an encouragement to the early church, it was not a threat based in fear of losing one’s Salvation. As this was written in love, in showing the great power available to all believers who will put their trust in Christ alone throughout their lives in faith. It was never intended to be used for a worrisome foreboding, in using guilt and fear, (which this text it is oftentimes manipulated the mean) – yet it does not!



July 27, 2020 · 9:41 pm

4 responses to “Looking Back

  1. anders nordin

    Yes Roland.
    It was an experienced man who spoke to you in hes mail. The tragedy you, like many others, have gone through has given you strength. I know you did not receive that gift in vain.

  2. Mary Grainger

    Praise The LORD CHRIST JESUS, Amen Thank you brother Roland and for sister Amie and her letter to you,what a blessing,yes we must stay focus on CHRIST. Indeed the LORD is in total control at all times and truly remains faithful,Hallelujah!!!😊🗝👑☝️💦🔥🙏🌿💞

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