In its purist form, we have no power over sin – unless we “allow” God to intervein in our behalf!


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3 responses to “FREE WILL

  1. You were great in this vid. I like hearing what I always taught, and preached, reflected back to me by a brother in Christ’s truth.
    It’s long been my belief that Christians who attack so-called Calvinism, have done so by pride of the flesh. Insofar as wanting to believe they get some credit for “choosing” Christ. Or that they were good enough, so God chose them.
    Great job here!

    • G.W., you have been a great supporter of my posts, probably more than any other! You have made my day, with your comments in support of what people should understand as foundational truths!
      I have become worn down with trying to argue sound doctrines, and it is even harder when the Church Pastor doesn’t stand with you, (even knowing better) so that he doesn’t lose butts on benches!

      • Yes, I can imagine how worn down you can become standing fast for God’s truth in today’s climate of intimidation.
        I get disappointed by how some pastors, faithful in the past, now cower before the attacks of a deepening darkness as our culture is being absorbed.
        But we must stand firm before God through it all.
        You do that well, and it’s encouraging to watch. Thank you, and God bless you.

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