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Freedom or Power Grab?

The way I read the U.S. Constitution, the Federal Government has no right under our laws to shut down private or corporate enterprise in any form: including factory production of various items, on a large or small scale. They are NOT to take control (but only regulate) the banking and commodities industry, automotive industry, aircraft industry, mining industry, farming industry, food service industry, grocery industry, hardware, software industry, the transportation industry, including shipping, oil industry, natural gas industry, firearms industry, medical industry, research, development, or scientific advancements. The Government cannot (legally) invade or confiscate private homes or property, land – or its management, nor any natural resource without express consent of its people.

A free Government has no right to dictate how people are educated, what people can read, or how to express themselves; be it by word of mouth in the public or private sector. Or be it by the written word, or in broadcasting; except for war, or a “real” (not contrived) national emergency.

Ask yourself, why was “freedom of assembly” one of the first principles of our Government?

It should be obvious; so the people could not be controlled by an outside force or the State – apart from our constitutional laws.

Totalitarian Governments, Tyrants, and Dictators, function in violation of all the above principles of “human rights”. Power to the people: often chanted by peoples oppressed, are enshrined within our Constitution. Even the name Constitution itself, was agreed to by free men and women who insisted how they wanted to be governed by the State.

Yet Totalitarian Government and Global elitists seek ways to grab power and wealth, natural resources, private property, and civil liberties, and therefore oppress and ultimately enslave the masses. But first they must convince people all this is done in their best interests; (health education and welfare) and for the interests of the collective, and even in using as a political tool the environment in which we live and breath!

History has proven tyranny out again and again, and only the ignorance of these principles, are the first step towards control, and the ultimate power grab of humanity!


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We could lose our Country


LEGAL STRATEGY: Multiple Pathways To Victory | Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 88

It was said in the beginning: Substantial Fraud, by big tech, media & Democrats… Rudy said he’d probably be put off social media!  *SO WATCH NOW!


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Christian Music Director needed…

Worship Leader / Music Director

300 State St, Stevensville, Maryland 21666, USA  • Part Time Employee

About the Job
Worship Leader / Music Director Needed
First Baptist Church of Kent Island, is seeking a person capable of being a music director each Sunday for the Churches Worship Services. The worship leader (Music Director) will set up the Christian PowerPoint Presentations (Slides) each week, in coordination with the sermon theme to be given by the Pastor.
The Worship Leader will be leading the congregation in song, along with the PowerPoint presentation on the monitors.
A Pianist or musician is also needed to accompany “worship leader” with the singing.
Call or texts directly to enquirer:
Pastor Doug Baughan at  443-540-4700


See add link below –,MD?jid=e6cde834bbea76e1&lvk=S3nJKqVKF_mDKVtD2_Ny3A.–LoPIQUqEN


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Listening to the Lord

How can I tell if someone’s really following Jesus?

There is no “spotlight” shining on themselves!

Roland Dell

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Manipulation is as witchcraft!

Click to enlarge images.

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The Covid-19 Roadmap: Towards Global Economic Chaos and Societal Destruction

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Psalm 51:17
Young’s Literal Translation
The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, A heart broken and bruised, O God, Thou dost not despise.

Being tried and tested, (as with metal in a hot furnace) is the best way to ensure you keep listening to the Lord.

Towards the middle of this video I meant to say; the “stumble butts” were rejected of “men” – * not the Lord!

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