How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World. (my film review)

I kept this post short, in the hope that those who have a short attention span might grasp how they have been duped by those who actually know better, and what is occurring today!

Ignorance of history comes foremost! I had to see what the “one stars” wrote first; they have been truly indoctrinated to think that older and wiser people know nothing. It is breathtaking the amount of ignorance they shroud in arrogance, just like this movie outlines for the manipulations for the mind. It is most true that elitist politicians “who know better” are the most selfish and degenerate of them all! If you read Marx and Satan, you will discover he wanted to overcome the idea of God, then latched onto Darwinism as a way to deny the God whom he hated! Modern academia within America is now 180 degrees in a different direction, then what our founding scholars and schoolmasters taught; in sighting that theology was the greatest of all studies starting with Harvard onward! You can see these results in education (not teaching script), entertainment, censorship of conservatism, crooked politicians, big tech, and even the environment! Is it any wonder Communist / NAZI’s kill off the older generation first, destroy cultural art and sculptures, take over the writings of history, and magazines like National Geo! Anything which is left over, they label as xenophobic, racist, and oppressive in opposition of the truth at every angle!


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