Trump Dropped this Today!

NOTICE: In the interest of transparency, prior to deleting this post; I wanted everyone to understand that evidently the clips used by President Trump were prior to the January 6th Capitol Crimes; when ANTIFA was at least partially embedded posing as Trump Supporters! This information has been edited out or shut down by the CABAL on most media platforms. It appears to me – that Trump supporters are own their own, and may be marginalized and even hunted by the vindictive left. Unless a miracle happens and 70% of all corrupt politicians are removed from office! 

I understand from Turning Point and other sources, Trump won 49 out of 50 States this election cycle!

The difference is (according to Q) the NSA didn’t make the correction like it did with Hillary Clinton’s planned campaign theft, thanks to military intervention!

I really have no way to confirm or deny this information, but this is the video which came out today! Yet I received the link from a retired Army buddy I know; who covertly won a silver star while in Vietnam.

I do believe in a very corrupt deep state (Cabal) globally, and just maybe there is a little more time left in the world, before the man of sin appears; in my humble Christian estimation!




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  1. Teri

    How do we participate in GAB?

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