Fear of Speaking Out!

WARNING: This is all about religion and politics, so if you are easily offended, don’t read this!

I don’t watch TV. a lot anymore, as I don’t like the ungodly and anti-nuclear family influence being put out today by Hollywood or other decadent broadcasters. The level of defiance to a once healthy family life has virtually disappeared from the screen. This is all in an effort to discredit any idea of the traditional Western culture once learned from the Bible in a sighting of the structuring of the paternally led family, inputting the man as the head of the household. This all started with the influence of feminism in the 1960s and supported by those who subscribed to Marxist doctrines, in an effort to tear down the principles of stability within the family structure, devoid of God’s ordinances.

A couple nights ago, I just happened to walk past the TV and witnessed two males engaged in homosexual sex with each other, the one giving the other oral sex, in having his head surging between the other’s legs! I was shocked, and asked the wife what program she was watching? She replied, it is about farming, so I thought it was safe to watch! Now, admittedly it didn’t show any genitalia in this act, but the idea that children might see this on a regular TV show, I found deeply disturbing with the idea of desensitizing them to what in the past would have been considered degenerate and wicked sexual behavior.

This desensitizing of children is perverse and wicked! But that is a part of today’s agenda against God, I’m afraid. Parents and others are now terrified to speak out against what is now called “Marriage Equality” for fear of reprisals! Never mind this is only about 2% of the population engaged in such behavior, but now we must not only tolerate it, but we are being forced to promote it!

The Bible teaches that rebellion against God is as Witchcraft; so to discredit God (or His existence) is actually to follow the Spirit of Satan, rather than the Holy Spirit of God. Obama’s push for an anti-western culture, which is also called anti-colonialism is really centered around the ideals of the predominant traditional white cultures of the world. White of not, the thrust of the “Critical Race Theory” being taught in the classroom, also known as by Conservatives as Cancel Culture, is really an effort to discredit the merits of a once God-honoring Western Civilization with debauchery and a rebellion against morality, traditional ethics, and ultimately the laws of God, which are not even allowed for display any longer within a public courthouse.

This is all really just hidden bigotry and hatred to the Lord God, and his principles governing all of our lives – whether we believe in him or not! The Bible teaches that “my people perish because of lack of knowledge” (of the truth). So all history must be destroyed and rewritten and taught to accommodate the destruction of the order of the family, and ultimately the loss of civilization as we have known it!

Apologizing for the “white man” and his (Straight) Paternal Society, as discriminatory to all other peoples is the key. This is why Obama embraced and projected the “Rainbow Flag” onto the White House, as a symbol to the world of his post-modern and anti-colonial viewpoint of how he thought the world should be; and even stating that America was no longer a Christian Country. Everything he embraced was done in animosity towards so-called colonialism, the God-honoring values of the past, and to be blunt – racism, that the world has suffered with from the time of Babble for millenniums!

We have now entered a post-modern age going from absolute values to relativism. Christian ethics to pluralism, where everyone does what is right within their own minds. In retrospect, this is not only the rejection of God within society but is actually an apology to Satan, forever having engaged in God Honoring Values!

The most concerning of all this is that Conservatives and Christians will now be targeted as “EXTREMISTS” when in actuality they are not extreme at all, only they hold to a level of decency no longer honored by a post-modern and embittered population, who hate any viewpoint not ascribing to their own! The really odd point to me is that; progressives like these believe they are being virtuous towards others, in now what is a complete reversal to the values and natural laws of our past!


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