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May 13, 2021 · 10:31 am

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  1. D. A. V.

    You may think I’m nuts, but at Bible study Sunday we were studying about Jesus 3 days in the tomb. I said my experience was instantaneous ( 2 Cor 5) with Jesus, yet spiritually I was asked, well what happened 3 days prior?

    I said, I just went back to my old boat unit, and got ordained, after I had said the prayer the week before about being like Paul and Silas, in that the enemy knew who they were, unlike many other believers at that time…

    Well, the 2nd week in the hospital, my stent started clogging back up, and they put chemically treated stents over it….

    The nurse said just out of the blue; “Mr. Dell, the enemy knows who you are, but this will not stop what God has planned for you!” That was the answer to my private prayer I had never told anyone!

    You see, God had allowed the enemy to nearly kill me, that put me out of the Army, ended my long struggle with engineering examinations and then freed me up to get accredited by the Baptists!

    It was nearly my 20 years in the Army, 3 days back in my unit again, and three days after I started working towards ministry work!

    I had also done a worksheet up for a soldier to do a deliverance in his new home, having demons in it… I didn’t want to go myself, and later a Catholic Army Chaplain asked me on the phone; what denomination I was in (that taught me such things) ?

    I had been asking the Lord why, and he showed me using a woman at Bible study what had transpired on a Spiritual level.

    Only now after 16 years do I understand in faith why the Lord allowed what he did, and I haven’t even been with the Church for a year yet! As I grow, I learn more and more about God’s unfolding plan for me!

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