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Rand and Kelley Paul Attacked!

Friends, this is very troubling that the Church has become so weak in standing for the truth in the Republic nowadays…

This is what I wrote on the Tea party Patriots Blog:

Not when Satan is running the country in spirit! This whole cheating and stealing our history and election is personally sickening to me, then to add insult to injury we have to apologize for Western Civilization (Colonialism) to Communist “Liberation Theology” which Obama really pushed while in office. This country was founded NOT to be a cesspool for every type of degeneracy under the sun, it was founded and constituted to honor God, and the personal liberty given to everyone, without being held guilty of a past none of us were involved in!

I don’t care what anyone says, we are responsible before God in all that we do, or don’t do, in this life. It is not as simple as sticking your tail between your legs or hiding in some misguided religious dogma of not getting involved with others in the world around us. We must be willing to stand for the truth of God in love for others, even if we are persecuted for it! Yes, any true believer is already found “in the cleff of Jesus”, yet we cannot shine our light from under a bushel!


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Do you know who you’re praying too?

When someone who truly knows Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior prays, often times the Lord may convict them just who they are speaking with… This is not to say there is some type of formula to follow in prayer, or even in using redundancy. What is most important is the condition of one’s heart towards God.

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Self Absorbed?

I am guilty myself of being self-absorbed, and of course, it is not deliberate but rather to various extents part of all our natures.

I personally think that Religious self-absorption is the most hideous! The reason for this is that it focuses our attention on particular doctrines and personally held beliefs; that is not usually Biblical, or in some cases what might be called “extra-Biblical”, which is also unbiblical.

How does one discover how far off they might be? The answer is found in the Holy Spirit, the ultimate teacher! At this point, many will stop reading as it sounds like an oversimplification of finding the truth. But in fact, it is the only way to come into a knowledge of the truth!

I have studied my Bible for over 40 years, within the time frame I have been taught what I call extra-Biblical teachings, and like I said, they are not Biblical and oftentimes off balance. This is what so-called cults do, they use the scripture and customize them to their particular stick.

It is very important to have “good” Bible teachers. Even from the time of the Apostle Paul, many ministers struggled to have teaching explained within the proper contexts. Nowadays are certainly no exception! Many well intention people (and institutions) preach questionable doctrines as being from Christ, these are the ones Jesus referenced in Matthew 24:5,KJV: “For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ, and shall deceive many.”

Jesus is speaking about false teachings “particularly” in the “end days” – and not just people claiming to be the Messiah or Savior! This passage describes a spiritual delusion, not just an intellectual one. All glory belongs to Christ the Lord, and not the teachers in other words. Ask yourself, how many have claimed to hold the truth, yet have deceived many?

It takes the Lord time to show us the places that we lack understanding, and I have found that one of the biggest obstetrical in my life has been well-meaning, yet deceived people themselves! This is why we must trust in the Lord, and lean not to our own understanding! That brings me to the point of walking by faith, and not by sight. It is too easy to be instructed by others “the way”, but ultimately we must discover this for ourselves. I am not speaking about some type of pluralistic philosophy based on relativism, I am speaking about being led of the Lord into all Biblical truths!

I have found that the first thing that must go is my introspective self adsorption to leaning to my own understanding. Only then is it possible for the Lord to show us himself and his absolute designing of the events and perceptions we may often misread?

Again, this is a very personal thing that all true believers need to yield to in our lives, as the Lord will not force His will upon anyone! This is not about rigid religious customs, ceremonies, or scriptural dogma, it is about yielding ourselves to Christ!

The problem is that many false teachers walk around today wanting people to follow them. Yet we must not; as that place of spiritual understanding and reproof belongs only to the Lord alone! Yes, there is correction and reproof from Elders in the church, but even being put out of the body, is so that ultimately the Lord will show us what we need to learn! That’s the only way anyone can truly learn anyway, as it’s our spiritual condition the Lord is concerned with, not our doctrine per say.

I once had a brother tell me that he could not teach me any more of the Lord. That was one of the most liberating moments in my life, although I didn’t realize it at the time. This was a painful point in my life, that the brother was removed I had known so well, however, it was so that the Lord himself could show me even greater truths; and by no small part in using even more mature brethren to help me grow in my understanding!

We used to say in street ministry, “don’t put God in a box – he won’t be able to teach you anything!” This holds particularly true concerning bad Bible teachings from people and institutions!

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Time for a rant!

Time for a rant, the Marxist Progressive Democratic Party in this country nowadays; steal all the symbolism, language, historical and factual information about this Republic, and tailor it to themselves in baldfaced leis to an ignorant and public schooled brainwashed public!

This is what Marxists do, they subvert all truthful information, or known political ideology, then go and paint themselves in it.

Take even the color coding of a political map, for example, everyone identifies Red as being pro-communist and socialist. So what do the Democrats and the liberal media do – they make the Democratic Party Blue, instead of Red (which is who they are) and saddle the Republicans as the Reds instead! This is a pure subversion of the truth at every level in history. They know that people are influenced by what they see and hear (especially in repetition) so they bombard the airways with lie after lei accusing the innocent of being the subversives!

The whole thing is staged by their think tanks to use the non-critical thinking masses towards their own ends, to gain power and control, not only of our lives, personal liberty, and independence but our thought life as well! This is just like Satan’s work 24-7 on a daily basis!

In the 80’s I worked in street ministry reaching out to those in need within the City, but right alongside us was often the Communist Party. It was as if we were both trying to win souls to our own ideology. Unfortunately, most of the time the Communist Party was much more committed to their goals, and now this nation has walked away from God, for the leis and wilds of the Devil instead!

Don’t believe in the Devil? Or maybe not even God? So then, why are there so many organizations that push for freedom against God and Religion? It is because of the influence of Marxism / Darwinism in our public schools starting soon after WW2.

I can tell you that once having served under a man who did exorcisms in Baltimore City, that the Lord God and the enemy are very real, and it’s what you “can’t see” which causes the most damage to the human soul!


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Couldn’t find it!

This clip is not about theology, it’s about faith. The things of God are as “foolishness to the natural man”. This short video is no exception, about having the faith of a mustard seed!

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Erasing Histories Contexts

Want to destroy a people? On this 4th of July, I was reflecting on this great nation, its founding principles, its goodness, and its sins.

In the Bible, a Nation is known in Greek as Ethos, this is how we get the word Ethnic (group) from. Like at Wounded Knee, the U.S. Army set out to destroy the “Indian’s” (Native American’s) history and culture, and replace it with something else!

This methodology is an ancient principle of warfare, as once the history and culture are destroyed, the people are powerless to have unity and fight back, therefore bringing them into submission to what the new governing authorities want!

This method has been repeated again and again in history, from simple tribal conflicts to global movements like under Adolf Hitler.

In the “so-called” enlightenment age, it was used to rebel against the Roman church authorities. Carl Marx championed this method to undermine anything that even remotely resembled the idea of God, his ordinances, and morality. In fact, it was Marx who was said to teach his followers to be critical of all social constructs which existed, and destroys them to replace it with the teaching he espoused would make things more “just”, starting with the tenants of eliminating all Judaeo-Christian principles!

Later, a worshiper of Satan, Marx knew full well there is a God, but hated him, and much like Lucifer, set out to overthrow his created work by lie denial and deception!

This has worked wonderfully in subverting the natural sciences away from God, into an “at random” no God theory of development by pure chance! No intelligent design, order, or assembler of the creation! Next, is the destruction of natural laws, social identity, culture, (not inclusion – but exclusion), and all past understanding of a given people’s history.

Every tyrant who wanted to force his will upon another uses these same principles to divide and destroy the peoples’ unity! It is simply fascinating the amount of “doublespeak” which is employed nowadays, to include the very manipulation of a language, to get people to think as you wish!

The best place to start this type of manipulation is with the young, both the Communists and Nazi’s in World War Two simply eliminated all those who had opposing thoughts, as undesirable’s, and either so-called re-educated them, or easier still, resorted to murdering the educated, doctors, lawyers, educators, clergy, or anyone else who would dare stand in the way!

The whole principle of the American experiment of Government was set up to take power from oppressive government and empower the people instead. This was called liberty or freedom to be independent of tyrannical control of those with often overbearing power, and abuse!

The ultimate giver of freedom was the Lord Jesus Christ to humanity, not Satan, who only seeks to destroy, posses, and enslave others by temptation!

Today, even the idea of man and women, their strengths and weaknesses in specific roles, which were designed by God to function well as a family (team) have been distorted almost beyond recognition! Children are taught rebellion against parents is freedom, and good discipline and responsibility is oppressive; even perhaps called whiteness!

Why do Americans put up with these lies and manipulations, which the Bible says is as witchcraft! I believe it is because of ignorance, or distortion of not just American History, but Global History as well; now excluding the reading of the Bible, who only Satan and Karl Marx himself would have delighted in!


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