Rand and Kelley Paul Attacked!

Friends, this is very troubling that the Church has become so weak in standing for the truth in the Republic nowadays…

This is what I wrote on the Tea party Patriots Blog:

Not when Satan is running the country in spirit! This whole cheating and stealing our history and election is personally sickening to me, then to add insult to injury we have to apologize for Western Civilization (Colonialism) to Communist “Liberation Theology” which Obama really pushed while in office. This country was founded NOT to be a cesspool for every type of degeneracy under the sun, it was founded and constituted to honor God, and the personal liberty given to everyone, without being held guilty of a past none of us were involved in!

I don’t care what anyone says, we are responsible before God in all that we do, or don’t do, in this life. It is not as simple as sticking your tail between your legs or hiding in some misguided religious dogma of not getting involved with others in the world around us. We must be willing to stand for the truth of God in love for others, even if we are persecuted for it! Yes, any true believer is already found “in the cleff of Jesus”, yet we cannot shine our light from under a bushel!


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