What is the Big Lie?

Well, it’s not about election fraud or even seeking greater truths, it’s about power, money, and the manipulation of free peoples for selfish gain!

I was just thinking today that everything the Democratic Party pushes nowadays, has been based on deceptions while lining their pockets. It has never been about helping others or doing projects for the better good of the country. The intellectual premise of the world is NOT based on true science, but rather on manipulations of data. I have been involved in the past with learning and swallowing everything from climate goals to equal opportunity studies.

All of it has undertones condemning the industrial revolution, free markets, western civilization, and particularly the advancements of the English-speaking peoples as far back as the day of sail. Everything they push is based on the lie of destroying the environment, and the oppression of less advanced cultures and their people.

Perhaps a case could be made for the oppression of “so-called” minorities in the past, yet you would have to weed out all the liberation and technological advancements shared with underdeveloped parts of the world as well! When I was in sociology school, we were taught “the white man IS the oppressor” / not WAS the oppressor, and of course, let’s not forget about the women as well!

These are all vile and disgusting one-sided lies produced in condemning millennia of human progress by people who think they have the right to rewrite history because only they know a better way that has never been tried before! These people are either buffoon’s drunk on their own understanding, or deeply deceived in their own ignorance of the past. There are no two ways about it, either you believe the lies and accept them, or you fight to understand the greater truth.

I suppose it gets down to the first verse in the Bible: “in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”… Or, you believe there is no God, and that all is relativism and random happenstance, so within our own understanding – we can change (and evolve) the world into a better place. The only problem is, that this type of thinking never produced anything but starvation, slavery, wars, and premature deaths by tyrants who thought that they knew better too!

Go ahead, believe the Father of Lies while denying his existence like Carl Marx did, or change your mind knowing the world needs a Savior, who God has sent to save the world from themselves!

I believe the time is very short for the day of Salvation, and at the rate deceptions and lies are being pumped out daily by mass media and others, well it won’t be too terribly long before Satan will have his day, and then be destroyed by the brightness of the Lord’s second coming! I know, I know, every generation since the Apostle Paul thought this; yet never before has every form of debauchery been so present, and at lightning speed!



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3 responses to “What is the Big Lie?

  1. lennart

    Hi Lightship
    This is a concrete summary of the words choice, truths, power, money and manipulation for all believers and what we can read about the current situation.

    Marxists nowadays have an implicit agenda that goes like this: First, create a problem, when the problem is big, come back as a saving angel and solve the problem so everyone will be happy.

    Their intention is to create a better soil for themselves. Not for everyone but only for those who are of their opinion. They do not have the sense to understand the future. Like many Christians, they are trying to save the earth for the future. The plan of the Marxists is as earthly as that of the Jews and other dictators. They cannot realize the value of moving towards a new world as they call it. The new world that our Lord creates for us Believing Christians, they do not get part of without changing mindsets. They are excluded. A true Christian works for as many as possible to be part of the new miracle that will take place. “Our Blessed Hope” is not for the earthly realm. We look forward to the new Jerusalem, and to meeting Christ. Their “new world” is taking place here and is an old one.
    Our Christian souls are filled with melancholy over all who are deceived into not being able to partake of the Christian proclamation of our common future beyond all the misery that awaits those who do not repent.
    There we are today. There are thousands of preachers and evangelists with incorrect descriptions of the gospel, but thankfully they still mention the name Jesus Christ, and it is always a good start for knowledge. The name Jesus will be known and it is a good start for those who are free and can find the right path. In their individual situation and loneliness, many people are helped by the Lord to realize which path to choose. If he reads the Bible.
    For those who understand the message of the Bible, we all have the basics ready for us when we read the word at the beginning of this text. The word is “FREEDOM. The laws of Moses are gone, and this is where we will begin our journey if we believe in the word and ” OUR new world.” Take care of the old, but look to the new that our Lord Jesus Christ has prepared for us.
    Thank you Lord, something new is waiting for us

    • Wow, thank you so much! You are indeed a brother with much insight, and I appreciate you taking the time to communicate such depth of understanding!

      • Lennart

        Dear brother I have followed you since our outbreak from a certain fellow with hatred in hes soul. Forget and look forward. Here is some good facts if you got the time. The word freedom as you named is the foundation.


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