I call it Debauchery

The United States has gone from a Judaeo-Christian nation in its founding, to a state of debauchery. This has been the downfall of Western Civilizations throughout the ages.

Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ was at the heart of many settlers within the new world, and up until the latest generations, the Bible was the biggest selling book in America.

After the Second World War, the United States was suffering from a teacher shortage, the pro-socialist / humanist movement in Europe at that time had influenced education and started slipping away from its Christian informed moorings. The importation of European teachers was the start of what was to become the National Education Association and was rooted in this new humanism, often called today Cultural Marxism.

By 1962-1963 Bible reading and prayer in schools would be abandoned primarily because of the work of Madalyn Murray O’Hair, who would become the President of the American Atheist, and by 1964 was daubed by Life magazine as “the most hated woman in America”.

This terminology about O’Hair would never hold true today, as our education system has systematically and deliberately thrown any mention of the Lord and the reading of Biblical texts out of our schools and colleges. Also coupled with the Feminist and homosexual movements of the 1970s would change the culture forever.

The Obama administration was active in championing pro-Marxist viewpoints in our school systems and universities, coupled with a leftist (man-made) Climate Change indoctrination in the sciences, (designed to weaken industrialized nations) with a reinterpretation of the history that had been traditionally taught about the founding of America. These teachings have permeated young minds as truth, and many have a wrong understanding of the principles of the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and the Constitution. The result is generations of “Woke” indoctrinated children, many of whom are now adults, and have been indoctrinated by the humanist school systems to dismiss even “religions” as they call them, as irrelevant to the modern culture and their morality.

Now many younger Americans are ashamed of America, for having never been taught classical Western Civilization in our schools. Amazingly in every aspect, not excluding even the hard sciences like mathematics and of course English, and history, which was replaced by cultural diversity (Social Studies) by the late 1980s. Since then, the idea of a “Racist America” who are also intolerant of “alternative lifestyles” (LGBTQ+) has been forced to the forefront by lobbyists like the “Human Rights Foundation” located in Washington DC, which equate the union of one man and one woman in marriage, to other unions holding to a pluralistic viewpoint of any sexual union which makes “anyone” (no holds barred) happy and fulfilled as a human right. Many of whom are openly hostile towards the old “Moral Majority”; coined for use during the Reagan administration by Jerry Falwell.

This majority of American parents were opposed by what I call these debauch-erst activist groups, who are in opposition to the traditional nuclear family structuring and yet, who are but a minority of the population. These viewpoints are being assisted by mass media, advertising, cartoons, children’s shows, and even our federal government which calls themselves “representatives of a democracy” (Republic) and supposedly ruled for the best interests of the majority of people, which is the very definition of a democracy.

Representing the majority of people is what a good government is supposed to do, but money and pressures from special interests and even foreign nation’s governments, have destroyed the strength and security of America, including our borders, language, and now culture, to a point of no return to the principles we were blessed with beyond measure!

I really don’t expect a Civil War or Revolution in America, but rather the continual gradual takeover by governments like the UN or China, who are more committed to their oppressive rule of Communism, than the United States has been to the freedoms found in the Lord, who allowed the birth of this new Nation.


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